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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Eyeliner

Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Eyeliner
I love gel eyeliners.  I hate the pot and the brush.
I was desperately hopeful that the much press touted Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner, a gel and brush hybrid, would bring answered prayers...

It was not to be and the search continued.

I was in Bloomingdale's last week with one of my best childhood friends.  Alison is a beauty addict as well and when we get together, our lunches always include a beauty outing.

I wanted to show Alison my latest find,  Trish McEvoy Liquid Face Color Pen, a beautiful, pinky peach gel blush, that I blogged about last week.

While at the Trish counter, I inquired about the staying power of her eye pencils. I also rekindled an acquaintance with their Business Manager and makeup artist Ilana Moss, who remembered my blog.  I had written about her a few years ago, after having an excellent facial with her at the spa at Equinox in Greenwich.
Ilana, is now a  font of knowledge about all things Trish McEvoy.  She is a huge fan of her eye shadows, ("every pro has Trish shadows in their kits") and also thinks her budge proof, smudge proof, Intense Gel Eyeliner pencils are among the best ever made.

She demonstrated by striping all three colors, black, navy and aubergine on her hand.  After just a few seconds, she wiped her finger over them...all three lines stayed in tact.


She also showed me Trish's favorite way to add further definition to the eye; the pencil is held erect, while "dots" of liner are wriggled through the lashes, from the water line to the upper lash line.

It definitely added a significant "pop" to my eye, but something I would save for nights out... just a wee too much drama for day.

For a change, I chose to purchase the beautiful deep navy instead of black. The tip of the pencil is thick producing a bold line.  If you prefer something more delicate, Intense Gel Eyeliner is not for you, unless you are willing to apply it with a fine brush, the way I have been on my lower lash lash.

So all in all, I'm pleased with my purchase and while I'm still using a brush for application, at least I've lost the pot...



  1. Good morning Debi, Trish McEvoy's Gel eyeliner pencil sounds great but how does it stack up to Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Liquid eye pencil? (my new love). p.s. Charlotte Tilbury told me her products will be sold in the U.S.A. in the fall! Can't wait to reap the savings from the exchange rate and Amx conversion I just paid. Really love her products thanks for turning me on to her line! ♥.........DeS

  2. So funny you should mention that DeS! I just got back from having my nails done and read in August Vogue that Charlotte Tilbury is debuting in the USA next month! Hallelujah!!! I was just about to post on her FB page. I have not tried her liner yet, just one of her fatter pencils which I use more as a shadow...I cant wait. If you love the Iconic Liquid Pencil, it will be my first purchase! Glad you loved it!




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