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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Exuviance Age Reverse Toning Neck Cream

$78 4.4 oz.

My friends and colleagues never fail to amuse me...last week my colleagues Ana and Lili cornered me, demanding to know what I had "done" to my neck!  Ana was just returning from two weeks in Europe, while Lili and I worked side by side.

Um...excuse me?  When did I scoot off and get something "done"?! Of course I had to think if I had been doing anything different and if I was trying a new lotion or potion.

Two things came to mind...
For starters, I have lost 5 lbs. If you don't think that makes a difference to the appearance of your neck you are mistaken.  Had I realized this sooner, I would have reduced my carb load years ago.

The second was that I have been using a new cream and really loving it;  Neostrata's Exuviance Age Reversing Toning Cream.  Developed, "exclusively for the fragile neck an decolletage", this potent firming and exfoliating treatment helps correct the telltale signs of premature aging and UV ovexposure.

Used twice daily on the neck and decolletage, the key ingredients, Lipo-Amino Acid , "CitraFill", "NeoGlucosamine" and Apple Stem Cell Extract, apparently, really do, exfoliate, tone, plump, tighten, lighten dark spots and even skin tone.

This rich, easily absorbed cream feels luxurious and I may never get to the bottom of this 4.4 oz tub...a little goes a long way. I do see a difference.

And so apparently did Ana and Lili. All gain, zero pain...



  1. Good to know!!! I just tried the Perricone products and sent them back due to the awful smell of FISH!!

  2. DivaDebbi, So happy you found Exuviance neck cream! I've been a fan of Exuviance products for years..especially love their cover blend conceler (only one that matches my skin) and their Optilight tone corrector lightens my annoying brown spots. I also use their 'skin Caring Foundation sp15 in desert sand...great color for me. I'm excited to try their neck cream as I have never considered it until now! Thank again for doing all the foot work for us girls ��

  3. Lol Sherry,
    I thought it was vile too!!! I fortunately only sampled it from Sephora, but I did need to wash it off. This is a goodie!


  4. DeS,
    Ooohhh...I never would have thought of them for cosmetics...I will check it out.
    Do you like Optilight tone corrector better than Murads?




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