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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Real Fabulous: My Real Simple and Olay Beauty Shoot

Today was a total blast! 

This summer I was contacted by Katie LaLama, from the marketing team at Real Simple.  My blog was under consideration for an Olay Total Effects advertorial that would be featured in their important December Holiday issue. Might I be interested in participating???

Ummm...yes please!

Ultimately, I was chosen, along with two fabulous Lifestyle bloggers, Grace Atwood of Stars and Sequins and Tonya Stabb , who flew in from California to participate in the shoot that took place this morning in NYC.

How fab...
Diva sans makeup on the way to the shoot
(Thank God for sunglasses)

Grace Atwood

Tonya Staab

Photo shoots are a world unto themselves. Because they can easily run for 8+ hours, in house caterers prepare sumptuous spreads for breakfast and lunch. If this was my world, let's just say I'd take a lot more of it up...

Everything about the day is carefully orchestrated. The  amazing stylists for the shoot, had researched all three of us and handpicked what they thought might look best on us as individuals and for a group shot.  

They did an incredible job!  Their hard work paid off.  All three of us felt perfectly confident in our ensembles, which will certainly resonate in the photos, just as planned.

The creative director of the shoot, works with the entire team to have her vision realized. After finalizing the clothes, we had to spend time in hair and makeup. The makeup artist and hairstylist work primarily in print and are skilled and passionate about their craft, knowing exactly what the camera will, "see".

The true star were the products used from the Total Effects line, so the focus was to let our skin look youthful and dewy.

Throughout the process, a team is videoing every step...(I'm hoping most of that ends up on the cutting room floor.) Eventually, you stop noticing them do their job

When it's finally time to shoot, there is a whole other team to monitor the technical details. It's virtually a village...

Modeling is not easy for me.  I don't smile on cue. My long arms can look a bit like chicken wings, I am by no means a natural. Our director Grace, (one of three on set today), definitely had a work cut out for her.

Ultimately, dozens of pictures are taken.  When Grace finally called it a, "wrap", I knew somewhere in there she found my inner Cover Girl.

I can't wait to see the final project! Of course I will be sharing it with you...My mother will no doubt wallpaper her bathroom in it.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of this advertorial with Real Simple and Olay.   It was a joy to meet all of the Graces, Tonya, Katie and all the pros whose talents and hard work make this all look effortless.

 All fairy dust and magic...ya right!!!



  1. exciting for you!! Thanks for sharing that with us.

  2. It was so lovely to meet you. The day was amazing and I cannot wait to see the final photos.

    1. Same same Tonya!!!
      I love your blog and all of your recipes sound delicious. What a fun, busy life you lead!
      All the best and fingers crossed about the final shots!


  3. Thanks DeS!
    I was honored to be chosen.




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