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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back to Basics: Salma Hayek Blush Peony Nail Lacquer

Salma Hayek Blush Peony Nail Lacquer
$5.99 Exclusively at CVS

When I was kid, I bit my nails. It drove my Mother batty.  She begged, pleaded and bribed.  The latter, naturally was the ticket to my giving up my first vice. When they did grow I was blessed with nails that grew quickly and were hard as granite.

Mostly, they are still, but they are always at their best when I faithfully use Nailtiques #2 as a base coat and several times a week as a top coat.

I once dabbled with a "permanent French manicure", a look I loved, but  that ultimately left my nails as thin as rice paper. Gel Manicures also left my nails weaker, so I've stuck with a traditional once a week manicure, which sadly, begins looking tattered by day three.

Not pretty.
So, I've made a decision, I'm going colorless.  Forever.  I started by using two coats of one of my all time faves, Essie's Sugar Daddy. I like the clean look of this sugary pink and my nails looked great for nearly a full week.

I was in CVS and happened upon Salma Hayek's nail lacquer collection.  These are some seriously pretty polishes and the packaging is equally attractive. They are also formaldehyde free, contain botanical extracts and claim to be chip resistant and long wearing.


I spotted Blush Peony and it was love at first sight. On, this creamy light pink as just the barest hint of shimmer. Tres elegante.  I have applied it twice since having a manicure Saturday and my nails look as fresh as the day they were done.

Pretty basic. I'll take it...



  1. Blush Pony....just what I was looking for!
    Thanks again

  2. You are most welcome Dear DeS!




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