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Saturday, August 23, 2014

My New Addiction: Kiori Perfume Oil

Kiori Perfume Oil
1/4 oz. $78
1/8 oz. $48
As a beauty blogger, I am often asked if I would like to sample niche fragrances and oils. I'm always reticent to say yes...fragrance is so individual. What you love I may loathe... What smells sublime on you may smell like Raid on me. It's a total crap shoot based on personal preference and individual chemistry...

In addition, I dislike hurting feelings, particularly if the scent is the creation of the person reaching out for me to try it. Thus, I always let them know that if they wish for me to sample their scent, there are no guarantees.

Last week I heard from Lisa Wallos, creator of Kiori, a, "handmade, luxury Perfume Oil, made from  completely natural ingredients". I asked Lisa what Kiori means.  It is loosely translated from a Japanese phrase describing, "inner strength or desire".

I'm glad I didn't ask her what the primary notes in Kiori are, since I am not necessarily a fan of vanilla or patchouli and might have taken a pass.  That would have completely been my loss...since I now physically crave it.

Kiori comes in a tiny, pretty bottle and is applied with a roller ball applicator. Unlike most fragrances, a tiny amount is all that is needed to last for hours. It is lush, earthy, sexy, spicy and addictive. It is created for men as well as women. While I can't imagine it on a man, I wouldn't be completely surprised if it  would smell delicious.

Since the day I received it, I've worn nothing else. While I truly love the handful of fragrances I have culled over the years, this is the only scent that I have received compliments on daily.

Lisa and I both live in Westchester and she is proudly retailing it local stores, which is lucky for me.  If you would like to try Kiori, it is available to purchase through Kiori's Facebook Page. Nicely, there is a $15 sample vial, if you wish to try it yourself, before making a bigger investment. You can also learn more about Lisa's story on her web page,

I'm so happy Lisa chose to reach out to me.  It literally feels like a gift. Lisa was recently invited to present Kiori at Sniffpalooza,  "an event-based group of fragrance aficionados that  unites perfume enthusiasts from around the world. What started as a small group of women getting together to shop and share their passion for perfume, has grown into a phenomenon that has attained international recognition".

I hope they will be as intoxicated by Kiori as I am.  I hope you will be too...


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