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Saturday, August 16, 2014

L'Oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation

The exquisite Andie McDowell for L'Oreal
Visible Lift Blur Foundation
$12-$!6 at drugstores ($16 in Greenwich...naturally)

I think Andie McDowell is the epitome of an actress who has aged gloriously.  I'll have what she's hawking...any day of the week.

I have been really happy using Dior's Forever Foundation this summer...that is until a bumped into a few uncharacteristically humid days. This has been the summer of all New Yorker's dreams, cool temps, blue skies, sunny weekends and almost NO HUMIDITY. (After a punishing N.E. winter, we are taking this as our absolute due.) 

All of a sudden, I was looking greasy instead of glowing and started scampering through my handbag in search of powder or blotting papers.


L'Oreal recently launched their "new" Visible Lift Foundation and enhanced it with "blur technology".  If I had to venture a guess, I would say blur=silicone. Personally, I'm not as phased by chemicals as I probably should be...If you take umbrage to it, I would skip this one. I was in CVS yesterday, so of course I wasn't leaving without it.  

I tinkered with the two deepest shades...I have actually tanned a bit for the first time in 6 years because the weather has been so temperate.  I have also given up on bronzing powders, since I find them too matte and aging, opting to "fake" my tan with darker foundation.  I toyed between the two darkest shades, Honey Beige and Classic Tan, (women of color will be completely out of luck.)  I opted for Classic Tan, the deepest, since I usually err on the lighter side and almost always, well, err.

I quite liked it when I applied it this morning.  It has a light, gel like texture and I found it very easy to apply.  I would describe the coverage as light to medium.  My skin looked flawless and dewy, just the way I like it to.   8 hours later, it is still intact, without a whisper of oiliness.  So why when I looked online, did I see lower review ratings than I would have anticipated???

Simple explanation--most of the reviewers who found it "oily", "splotchy" and "soon invisible", were 18-21 year olds, with self professed oily skin. 


Why are these young women buying a foundation that is intended for skin that wants to be lifted and blurred??? Would you rush out and buy whatever Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez were wearing??? I think not...Thus, the skewed reviews. When I searched the over 35 crowd, the reviews were much more positive.

For a $16 foundation, I have zero complaints--except that I wouldn't mind paying $12 bucks for it, but in honor of this gorgeous summer, I won't quibble about anything at all..

Diva Divined...



  1. For $16.00 and your FREE advise....I'm on my way to CVS for the L'Oreal visable lift blur!

  2. Let me know what you think DeS and hopefully, you will score it for even less!




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