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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Flush of Youth: Trish McEvoy Liquid Face Color

Trish McEvoy Liquid Face Color

I popped into Blue Mercury in Rye the other day...I was hoping to see their masseuse Kami Ritt, to congratulate her on winning, "Best Deep Tissue Massage" by Westchester Magazine.  She is a wonder and nicely had emailed me to thank me, attributing my glowing blog about her skills to a slew of loyal clients.

Well done Kami! (914-921-1600)

I like Blue Mercury. It is an oasis of calm next to Sephora and I do like their well curated makeup and skincare selection.  I was  immediately drawn to Trish McEvoy's Liquid Face Color Pen.  Available in only one shade of gorgeous, peachy rose, I was hoping it would look just as pretty on my cheeks.

It did...

This long wearing gel based stain has just the barest hint of shimmer. It makes my cheekbones look lit from within.  Admittedly, I do apply it over my beloved Charlotte Tibury Cheek to Chic Blush to give it just a touch more oomph.

I use both the nylon bristle click pen brush and my fingertips to distribute it evenly. It applies like a dream either way. I also love how easy this blush is to slip in your bag for touch up as needed. I was a bit flummoxed as to why it is called, "face color" instead of blush, but after looking at Trish's site, I learned it also intended for use on the lips too.

And so tomorrow morning, I'll check out my new lip stain and hopefully, I have stumbled on an all time greatest twofer.  Either way, I think it may already have attained "Holy Grail" status.



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