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Monday, July 21, 2014

DivaDebbi's First Template!

DivaDebbi's First Template!

Valentino butterfly print dress, $3,560 / Christian Louboutin black heel shoes / Asprey bright handbag, $2,820 / Hermès hardware jewelry / Korres lip treatment, $14 / Chloé fragrance, $79 / 

As a Polyvore member, we are able to create "templates".  You can style the template in any way your heart desires and those elements are permanent. The fun aspect is using different fashion looks in the photos, ready-to-wear and accessories, to create completely different looking sets, based on your mood.

When I first made this template 8 months ago, I assumed it was just for my personal use, so that on days that I'm time pressed but have the urge to "Poly", I could still quickly create a set.

What I didn't realize was that DivaDebbi's First Template was also available for any other Polyvore member to style at their whim.  Ohhhhhhhh....

I got used to it...eventually and to date, nearly 1000 people have used my template to create "their"  own set. 

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