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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Altchek MD Glycolic Renewal Pads

Dr. Altchek Glycolic Renewal Pads
$19.99/ 36 count
 Exclusively at Ulta Stores

Here's something to get excited about; famed NYC Dermatologist Dr. Douglas Altchek has created an 8 piece skincare collection exclusively for Ulta.  In addition to his highly regarded private practice, Dr Altchek is also a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Mt. Sanai School of Medicine. Some serious brainpower went into devising these products, all with the intent of living up to Dr. Altchek's mantra to, "prevent and correct" skin concerns.

Me likey...What else do I like?  That the entire collection is under $30.  It seems to me that efficacious, Dr. designed skincare of the Murad, Brandt, Grossman, Perricone variety is sorely amiss in this price category, no???

Welcome Dr. Altchek!

When I received information about the Altchek MD for Ulta from DKC Public Relations, I immediately zeroed in on his Glycolic Renewal Pads. I'm a firm believer in using them a minimum of 3x per week to clean, refine, exfoliate and yes firm your skin.  If you are not using a glycolic product, you need to add a cleanser or pad to your repertoire  STAT...I promise you will see brighter skin within a week. 

Altchek MD Glycolic Renewal Pads are infused with a combination of Gycolic, Fruit, Salicylic and Lactic acids,  It also contains Green Tea and Witch Hazel Extract.  The pads are large, soft and pillowy, allowing for a comfortable, "circular" application as directed.

Compared to other pads I have used, they are mild, no stinging or burning, which may deter hard core glycolic  users who may prefer much stronger options. For novices and those with sensitive skin, this is a perfect pad to start with. Personally, I kind of like not feeling like my face is on fire...

I'm on board and I'm already looking forward to trying other products from the Altchek MD collection. Sometimes less truly is more...


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