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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just Brow-Zing

"Chickens get plucked, people get tweezed", or so I was told by Danielle Sampieri, the aesthetician at The Benefit Brow Bar at Bloomingdale's. Geez! You learn something new everyday.

I recently became obsessed with eyebrows, after I started watching the wonderful Julianna Margulies in The Good Wife. It's a fine show, but it might as well be on mute, because I cannot take my eyes off her eyebrows. Could a fetish be developing? Yup. I am bonkers over the arch in her left brow and the way it frames her face. Mine look like a pair of parenthesis.

Dashing in on a separate mission, the Benefit Brow Bar has its own adorable window display and in store set up, smartly capitalizing on the brow craze that is sweeping the beauty world. Danielle sweetly approached me for a consultation and I promised to visit on the way out---No doubt, she hears this all day long, because she look surprised when I returned.

"I'm archless and I'm obsessed with Julianna Margulies it hopeless"???, I whined.

"Challenging, but not hopeless".

"What can be done"?

"Tweezing will help, but you will have to learn how to fake it".

"No problem, get plucking please uh, I mean tweezing".

I watched with a hand mirror, as Danielle showed that a brow should arch, right where the outside of the eyeball ends. Her implement of choice is a slanted Tweezerman, that would not have looked out of place in an O.R. She showed me what needed to go and what needed to grow.

Next she taught me how to use a slanted brush to apply brow wax, and to fake some additional length, thus creating the framework for my coveted arch. She then tapped on brow powder and brushed it gently, to achieve a natural look. The final touch was the addition of a pink hued highlighting powder, under the brow following the arch.

Voila!!! "Groomed and gorgeous", just as Jean and Jane Ford, the Co-creators of Benefit promised! The full service Brow Bar offers professional, reasonably priced waxing, tweezing and lash services, all without an appointment necessary. I was impressed with Danielle's skill and loved her self-confidence, that she will find fame in the brow world .

Until then, I'm glad she has found a home at Bloomingdale's in White Plains. I purchased the Brows a-go-go kit and did a reasonably good job of replicating her handiwork this morning.

All in all, I'm feeling preetay, preetay good about my brows, or I will at least until next Tuesday at 10, on CBS.



  1. if you think her eye brows are great you should have her do your hair too. She does my wifes hair and its always amazing, she is a wonderful and talented young lady, and I wish her the best of luck with her career.


  2. Danielle was terrific! She will be a regular on my maintenance team, along with my fabulous colorist Chris from Warren Tricomi, Greenwich.
    Love those devoted to make the world a prettier place! Go Danielle.


  3. Tweezing! has been my brow- shaper for long. I like the Tweezerman range; I tweeze at home with my very own hands, good light and a magnifying mirror! It does wonders to my face.

  4. Hi, my name is Sabria. I shape eyebrows for a living in Westchester New York. I find that MAC pro tweezers are amazing.My clients prefer tweezing over waxing and threading.



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