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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

City Lips Advanced Treatment

City Lips Gloss and Treatment

Who doesn't want fuller lips? Full, soft lips look youthful and lips do thin as we age. We have all seen over injected lips, that look unnatural and borderline ridiculous.

Not pretty...

Not fooling anyone either...

When I was offered the opportunity to try City Lips advance treatment, I figured I had nothing to lose and hopefully something to gain.

City Lips is not just a gloss, but a treatment that instantly adds oomph, with its Hyaluronic Acid and collagen peptide formula. With daily use, lips  can look noticeably fuller after just 30 days and lip lines may diminish.

I received two shades, Sangria and Nude York.  Sangria is a bit brighter than I would normally choose, but just a touch, buffed into my lips give them a long lasting natural flush, that also work well as a base for other lipsticks. Nude York is a pretty Creme Brulee shade that looks perfect over every lipstick I've tried it over. I love their non-sticky texture and appreciate their long wear.

Where I was confused, was in the directions to apply it to the lips as a treatment before bed...Really???  Didn't I just take all that stuff off???

But now that I'm in research mode for the writing of this blog, I see that City Lips was originally formulated as a treatment only ($35).  Two different products.

Below is a good description from City Lips Website on just how and why this Good Housekeeping award winning product works:

The Difference Between Lip Plumpers And Lip Treatments
Many lip plumping products available in drugstore achieve a plumping “effect” through the use of an irritant like cinnamon or menthol. Those products create a tingling sensation—at best, they irritate your lips so they temporarily redden and swell; at worst, they can cause an embarrassing or painful reaction with the delicate skin of your lips! In any case, long lasting results cannot be achieved through gimmicks or irritants.
Long lasting rejuvenation treatments comes from increasing the collagen in your lips so that they become fuller from the inside out. You can achieve these results with painful, expensive injections, which can leave you looking overdone and “fake”—or you can invest in a lip plumping treatment that actually builds the collagen in your lips, giving you a gorgeous, lasting, natural looking pout.  
In addition to increased collagen, lasting plumping results can only come from using a product that provides extreme moisture to your lips. As we age or experience the effects of the sun, fine lines and wrinkles form around our lips, thinning and drying that tender tissue. Using a lip treatment that provides extreme moisture and the ability to build collagen is the only way to achieve a youthful, natural, long lasting lip plumping result.

I could easily see purchasing this as an adjunct to my City Lips glosses.

I definitely recommend trying City Lips, IMO, it definitely beats the alternative(s)...


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