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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cheek to Chic with Charlotte Tilbury

Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury and her BFF and Muse Kate Moss

British superstar model Kate Moss, has made a superstar out of her British BFF and Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury.  I don't think anyone could really muck things up on Kate, but Charlotte Tilbury really wants us to have the best shot at being our prettiest self.

Though not yet available in the U.S., my friend Linda Levy brought her handiwork to my attention via a video on Net-a-Porter before I left for London.  We were both mesmerized.  Interestingly, her product is not available on their website.   Linda beseeched me to check it out at Selfridges and bring her back a goodie. How could I not comply?

 Masterclass with Charlotte Tilbury: Click above

Love is the Drug Blush
One of six blushes offered with names like Love Glow and Ecstasy

I was immediately taken with this gorgeous shade, whose finely milled powder includes crushed pearls. The counter was swamped, but I horned my win and asked one of the affable associates, all of whom were obviously passionate about CT if she would apply it.  My friend Nancy took it one step further and sat down for a mini makeover.

Here is how Charlotte Tilbury describes her blush vision:
When it comes to blusher, I’m always seeking to re-create that shimmering, youthful flush of excitement you get when you’re in love - my clients and I call it the "love glow". I’ve spent many years perfecting this ultra-flattering look and now I’ve made it easy for anyone to achieve with CHEEK TO CHIC Swish & Pop Blusher. A 2-step application ritual, each shade is a creamy, colour-rich texture containing finely crushed pearls to give your skin a limitless glow. Enliven dull skin in just a Swish and a Pop!

• Light Flex Technology captures light and re-emits it for a luminous complexion
• Colour-rich pigments are rolled into finely crushed pearls that smooth & buff the skin for excellent blendability & perfect colour uniformity
• The formula is buildable for the perfect, healthy, even glow
• A collection of 6 Swish & Pop shades that represent the 6 shades of love – from “First Love” to “Ecstasy” and “Sex on Fire”
• Paraben-free

I absolutely love it!  It's hard to believe, but this one product seems to sculpt, blush and highlight the cheek and face and lasts all day without retouching.  Here is a picture of me at home after applying it in the morning:
DD wearing Charlotte Tilbury Love is the Drug blush
It looked exactly like this 15 hours later, when I went to wash it off.


Enhance Your Color Sparkle Kit for Brown Eyes

Charlotte Tilbury also believes that each eye color can best be enhanced by specific shades, (along with a fabulous mascara). The pencils all have a shimmering quality that initially have a creamy blendable consistency, that quickly dries down.

I chose the Dark Pearl on the left and as promised, bought the Amber Haze home for Linda.  We both love them.

Minor glitch, none of my sharpeners were large enough to bring it back to its original point.  Fortunately, my friends at Sephora quickly rescued me with one of their own.

Between the pound and customs, I can't wait until Charlotte Tilbury launches stateside, or at least on Net-a-Porter. This is gorgeous makeup that will bring out the Kate, in all of us...


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