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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Si by Giorgio Armani

Cate Blanchett the face of Giorgio Armani's new fragrance Si

Is it possible that one fragrance can smell delicious on everyone who tries it?  I would have doubted it, since I know from my own experience that certain fragrances, delicious on others, can smell like Raid on me within a matter of hours--until Si.

I have just returned from a fantastic visit to friends in London, where I enjoyed a whirlwind of shopping, theater, good restaurants, great museums and a trip to the country to tour Blenheim Palace.  Too divine and best of all, we laughed non stop.

Nancy is also a beauty product aficionado, sweetly running out and buying all my raves.  She is no slouch either, so I will have days of reporting some of my new finds, at her behest.

I brought her a few of my new faves, including Hada Labo's fantastic skin plumping gel and cleanser, both have which have earned a spot on my Holy Grail/Best of 2013 finds.  I was thrilled when she called me in the middle of touring the National Gallery from her Derm's office, (not so the attendant, who quickly hustled me into the hallway,)  He noticed her glow and immediately wanted to know what she was using...seeing is believing, but I digress.

Nancy had recently smelled Si and wanted to share it with me.  I was instantly smitten, but I know from experience that the only way to purchase fragrance is after sampling it and seeing how it mixes with your chemistry over a couple of hours, so we doused.

As we continued shopping and enjoying pre theater martinis, we remarked on how delicious we smelled. Remarkable!

The stunning Cate Blanchett, frequently a wearer of Mr. Armani's couture pieces from his Prive collection, is the face of Si.  Master Perfumer Christine Nagel is the "nose", collaborating with Mr. Armani who specifically wanted black current and freesia to be represented in the scent.

Other notes include rose, vanilla, patchouli, blond woods and "orcanox", though I have clue not, what that is.

I love finding a new fragrance, particularly when it is not yet readily available. Nancy loves it too and we both agreed that we would purchase it in the duty free shop at the airport.

Naturally, I couldn't resist a spritz and was charmed to receive two lovely compliments about it on the plane. I think it's possible that Si maybe universally delicious.

Say "yes" if you have the opportunity to try it, and let me know if you love it as much as we do.  I think you will find yourself in good company...



  1. This fragrance is being advertised everywhere at the moment, I think I might jot this down on my christmas wishlist!
    What is your favorite fragrance?

  2. Definitely worth trying Kiara! I have learned the hard way to be patient and wait before leaping to purchase. It really all depends on personal chemistry.
    My other faves are Balenciaga's Paris and Jimmy Choo, and First for Fall Winter, Cristalle, Calandre (which I have worn since Im 15) and Le Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes for Spring Summer.


  3. "Just say yes!"
    I just got the perfume yesterday, and it is absolutely amazing!
    I got to try Si for the first time when I attended a perfume course in Denmark. Everyone at the course were astonished, and I fell i love right away!

  4. Oh I'm so happy you love it too Sandra!
    Im just crazy about it. I wished it lasted a wee longer on me though. I will need to fill a purse atomizer to get me from day to night.
    Thanks for commenting!




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