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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lisa Hochstein's Makeup Tips and Tricks

Lisa Hochstein
Photo Credit: Paul Cobo Photography
Yesterday I brought you my interview with Real Housewife of Miami's Lisa Hochstein. I know a "Girl's Girl" when I see one, and my instinct that Lisa loves her makeup was spot on. 

Fans tweet and email her often for  beauty, diet and exercise tips, so she started her own website so she could share her advice with a larger audience.

I too, was curious about her perfect skin and makeup...granted, Lisa is 30 (!),  but I recognize flawless technique when I see it and I was happy she gave us her step-by-step, including products.  I have used all of these except for the Chanel Pressed Powder, and I will also attest to their superiority. 

Here are Lisa's suggestions from the Beauty section of her website :

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