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Sunday, November 18, 2012

I feel pretty...Yay! Top Sets Winner November 18th 2012

I feel pretty...

It's always nice to be recognized by the Polyvore Editorial team and included on their "Top Sets" page (November 18th 2012).  What a lovely honor!

I think it's interesting that my BFF Barbara Newman, and dear friend Q. of Quintessence Blog, both of whom have storied careers in advertising and publishing, picked this out of all the sets I post as something uniquely special.  Good eye ladies!

My Polvyore sets have now surpassed 1,000,000 views in just 7 months.  Creating them and being part of this amazing community of incredibly talented fashionistas has become a daily joy for me.

I know not all of you still quite understand my Polyvore obsession, but now that I have figured out how to sign them, you can see they are my own creations each day.

Polyvore is also a shopping tool, so if you see something you love, if I have selected it from Polyvores offerings, they can be purchased with direct links to the websites.  I also "clip" images from all of the Internet.  Those items cannot necessarily be purchased, they are simply images that inspire and please my eye.

My sets are always a reflection of my taste and how I style my clients.  I can honestly say I have never included anything I wouldn't want to personally own.  I have crafted a delicious fantasy closet.

 I hope you are enjoying them too...



  1. that emerald green skirt is gorgeous!

  2. Yes, loved loved this set! Huge congrats to you - well deserved recognition for your creative collages of daily inspiration!1



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