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Monday, November 26, 2012

Party Time: Promoted by Nars Cosmetics on Polyvore

Party Time!

I frequently check in with my "Activity feed" on Polyvore.  It's so nice to hear from my Poly pals.  To be sure, if I am lucky enough to be chosen for a Top Set honor or a Promotion from a sponsored company like Nars, I will have a steady stream of sweet, congratulatory notes waiting for me...Such was the case this evening with the set above, which Nars promoted!

It's fitting in a way, because the inspiration behind creating this set was not the clothing or scenery. My starting point was with this gorgeous teal Nars Nail Polish, Superstar, from their limited edition Andy Warhol Collection.  Inspired by his favorite muse, Edie Sedgwick in the sixties, the      collection is fun and flirty and the packaging his wonderful.

Polyvore is such a brilliant social media platform.  Brands like Nars, that cleverly partner with them reap the benefits of tremendous exposure to their target audience every day. Nars chose to promote another one of my sets before, (

 To date it has received nearly 100,000 views and was "liked" by 1319 fashionistas.  Kudos to them for being the cosmetic brand of choice on Polyvore and my deep thanks for choosing to promote my sets.

For me, Polyvore is a perfect meld of mind, art, fashion and beauty and to be recognized is a great honor.


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