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Friday, November 23, 2012

Yay! Top Sets on Polyvore Again!!!

Dora Maar:  Then and NowDora Maar: then and now

Well, this is truly a wonderful week for me on Polyvore.  I was honored to have been chosen for Top Sets today (November 23, 2012) and earlier in this same week on November 18th.

In addition to a creative shopping site for Fashionista's,  Polyvore also fosters strong friendships via its social media platforms.  I have developed friendships with women, literally, all over the world.  Each week Polyvore singles out one member to highlight and interview.

Last week, my incredibly fabulous, talented friend Lidia Solymosi, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada was chosen.  Her sets are truly spectacular and I am so proud of her. (

I created the set above, Dora Maar:  Then and Now as a gift to Lidia.  My inspiration was Cubism.  First came Picasso then came the Etro dress...

I love this medium... My Mother, who has always been a talented artist and fostered my love of Impressionist and Modern art, was at my home for Thanksgiving last night.  Her computer has been on the fritz for several months, so she has not seen what I have been up to on Polyvore.  She knows better than anyone, that my artistic skills never advanced beyond age 6.

When she saw on my ipad  what my brain was able to create on Polyvore,   she was genuinely shocked, but delighted!  It was such a nice moment for was like a latent gene finally kicked in.

So, my dear readers, it truly is never too late to cultivate a new hobby, talent or skill.  I know I focus an awful lot on outer beauty and maintaining it, but truly, a beautiful mind is just as important...



  1. Oh my gosh. You are really an amazing woman. Thank you from a bottom of my heart. You made me feel like a million dollar. Happy to have you in my life. Lots of love to you.

  2. Lidia,
    You are such a joy! I'm so delighted that you were given special recognition because you are as kind as you are talented. I'm so happy for you and to know you.


  3. Joan and you.. beautiful mother and daughter...side by side snuggled over an ipad...priceless. She must be glowing! xox

  4. Congratulations to both of you! I was in love with that fabulous plum Ferragamo dress the first time you showed it - now it's just torture!



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