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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sometimes Life is a Circus... Promoted by Balenciaga

Sometimes Life is a Circus...

I didn't win the 520 million dollar lottery, but I did have a really great week on Polyvore...essentially the equivalent.

I am incredibly honored and thrilled to have in one week, received honors for Top Sets and three corporate promotions from Nars Cosmetics, Ted Baker and Balenciaga.   In this set I included  Balenciaga's  fabulous accessories in this lighthearted set. I am so pleased they liked it.

My sets have now received over 1.1 million views and I am close to achieving my goal of 2000 followers by the end of next month.  I think it's really important to always be trying new things, striving to improve and setting and achieving goals.

Internal beauty is a gift you can choose to give yourself...



  1. Beautiful!! I adore the whimsical theme and fabulous pairing of the red and blue. It's not surprising that your sets have achieved such a following - they are visually compelling, clever and tempting - perfect for both consumer and corporation!

  2. Q. thank you so much! You were a cheerleader of my Poly's from the beginning. It is fun for me to see how they have evolved creatively...Now if I could just find a way to meld some commerce with all that!




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