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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thymes Bergamot Vert AHA Lotion: It Doesn't Get Better Than This!

One of the lovely things about Beauty Blogging is having the opportunity to learn about special, esoteric lines, developed first and foremost as a labor of love by its creators.  I knew nothing of Thymes beautiful fragrances for the bath body and home, until I received a sample of Bergamot Vert AHA Body Lotion.  In a word; delicious...and best of all it is brimming with naturally derived Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids. 

Why is AHA important???  Because it is the only ingredient I have ever found in a body lotion that will even skin tone and lighten brown spots. (not their claim---MINE)!  This lovely, light, crisp lotion is also infused with Shea butter and Vitamin C and E. ($26 for 9.25 oz and a little goes a long way).  After 10 days of using it, my skin is satiny smooth and my skin tone is more even.

Bergamot Vert is a new addition for ThymesHere is how they describe what inspired them:

A leisurely afternoon spent in a Mediterranean garden, the air humid after a sudden downpour. Steam rises, intensifying the fresh sweetness of the bergamot groves nearby. For centuries, the bergamot tree has been coveted for its precious oil and the sparkling fragrance it yields. Today, this sun-drenched citrus burst is Bergamot Vert.

I was curious about the back story of this brand, which operates out of Minneapolis (my fabulous friend Kari, who writes the amazing Fab Over Forty, lives there...I can't wait to query her) so I looked up their back story, which I found charming.  You can sense their passion for their products and their clients and they will help you find your best fragrance match by helping you identify which fragrance elements appeal to you most.  You can find more information on their website and for those of you who are lucky enough to live in the N.Y. Metropolitan area, The gift shop at the N.Y. Botanical Gardens is now carrying their line.  If you have never been, it is always a beautifully serene outing, and now you have another reason to go!

Here is a bit about Thymes:

Nearly 30 years ago, Thymes was founded by two childhood friends with a mutual curiosity and a common desire to make something meaningful and beautiful. Since then, the company has flourished thanks to a shared passion for creativity, botanical ingenuity, beauty and friendship.

Here's how they describe their process:

What makes a Thymes fragrance? It’s a scent that’s fresh and clean, instantly familiar yet remarkably engaging. Complex, yet never overpowering. With a balance of identifiable notes originating from the time-honored traditions of perfumery. Yet blended in a unique way for how we live our lives today.

It’s a fragrance used or worn every day, woven into the fabric of daily life. You wake up to it, wash with it, wear it on your skin, layer it throughout your surroundings. You wear it for yourself, not for others. And you wear it in daily life as well as life’s significant moments.

I am madly in love with this magnificent lotion!  Not only does it work as a near miracle anti-aging product, but I imagine it smells like Capri and until I get there, Bergamot Vert is the next best thing.



  1. You are so right, it doesn't get better than that. I LOVE this stuff.

    Slow Strut, Rouge Lips - Not Just a Fashion Blog

  2. This lovely, light, crisp lotion is also infused with Shea butter and Vitamin C and E.I use body butter. It's the best fareness in the market.Relay, it is won my mind.I am satisfied.



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