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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fab Over Forty Chats with Trish McEvoy

My friend Kari, the enormously popular and well respected Editor and writer of Fab Over Forty had a the opportunity to interview Beauty Legend Trish McEvoy.  I for one, am duly impressed!

Trish shared some of her best makeup and skincare advice with Kari, who honed right in on the beauty issues we grapple with as we age.  I was so impressed, I wanted to share them with my readers too, so grab a pencil and paper and enjoy:

When you meet women over 40, what tends to be some of their common beauty concerns and what do you recommend for them?

Women’s most common concerns after the age of 40 tend to be:

Fine Lines
Uneven Skin
Loss of definition on the eyes and lips
Loss of color on the face and lips

Making up for what nature has taken away is quite simple if you have the knowledge. The first step is to exfoliate, this will improve the texture of skin and enable all products to penetrate. My Beta Hydroxy Pads are effective if used once per week but are gentle enough for daily use. How frequently you should exfoliate depends on how your skin looks and feels.

To help with fine lines, pair a serum with a high percentage of hyaluronic acid like my Beauty Booster Serum with a highly effective daily moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid is a moisture magnet that will instantly plump fine lines, increase your moisturizer’s impact and train skin to retain more moisture over time. The addition of dual-action peptides promote natural collagen production while vitamins and antioxidants boost skins resistance to free radical damage.

To correct uneven skin:

1. Brighten and even out the eyelid, a step many women overlook. Use an upper-eye brightener and shadow primer like my Eye Base Essentials, which also locks shadow in place for all-day wear.

2. To banish darkness under the eyes apply a brightening product before concealer like my Correct & Brighten which corrects darkness while brightening shadowing from the tear trough or bags. This can also be used to brighten the folds between the cheeks and upper lips. If fine lines around the eye are also a concern use an under-eye brightener with luminizing properties like my Instant Eye Lift which will brighten darkness while diffusing the appearance of fine lines. If you are STILL dark after brightening, now is the time to apply concealer.

3. Even out your complexion with a foundation in the texture you prefer – liquid, powder, cream-to-powder. Even skin simply looks healthier and nothing brings out features more.

To help restore definition to the eyes:

1. Nothing defines the eye like a full lash line. Promote naturally fuller lashes with a lash conditioner that enhances the condition of your lashes. My Lash Enhancer Nighttime Conditioning Treatment will condition lashes as you sleep and over time deliver a fuller lash.

2. Always use eye liner and mascara. Using an intensely pigmented eye pencil dot pigment between lashes before lining the upper lash line, curl your lashes and apply the mascara that’s right for your lash type.

(I agree with this 100%.  I don't believe that we need less eye definition as we age---unlined eyes look tired IMO).

To restore color to the face:

1. Bronzer is year-round essential to sculpt the face and give it a warm, rested look. Apply it in a backward “C” shape from the hairline to the apple of the cheek, where the sun naturally kisses your face.

2. If you are not naturally very red, follow bronzer with a pop of blush applied exclusively to the high apple of the cheek – not too close to the eyes or nose.

Trish Tip: Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend – it is the essence of beautiful makeup!

To restore color, fullness and definition to lips:

1. Prep with a lip conditioner like my Flawless Lip Primer to smooth lips’ surface while anchoring color within the lip line.

2. Apply a sheer-textured lip color in a light tone

3. Using a lip-toned liner and staying with your natural lip line, line only the center of the lips to define and enhance your pout, and even out the lips’ shape if necessary.

4. Apply a small amount of lip gloss to the center of the lips.

Other beauty advice:

Don’t go too light or too dark when choosing a shade of hair color. Fill in your brows – you wouldn’t believe the difference it makes. Use moisturizing body products in the shower for an added dose of moisture. Same sentiment applies to hair care. Your hair thins as you age, so make sure to choose body-building shampoos. I like to mix mine with a conditioning shampoo for added moisture. I can’t stress this enough: exercise, exercise, exercise. Build both cardio and weight training into your routine to safeguard your heart as well as your bone density. Other than that, make sure to laugh a lot, get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water, eat smart and start the day with a big breakfast for constant energy.

(And my fave!):
Most importantly, enjoy where you are in your life, don’t look back. Look at how you look today and remember, this is the youngest you’re going to be – enjoy it.

I love her take on this!  I couldn't agree more...

I always say that 10 years from now, if you looked back on photos yourself right now, you  would think, "damn I looked great" started enjoying how you look right this minute!

Many thanks Ms. Kari and congratulations on a fabulous scoop! 


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