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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Catherine Kallon- I Don't Know How She Does It...

"Fashion Critic Catherine Kallon (right) and friend
 There are so many intelligent, entertaining writers Blogging these days...I wish I had more time to discover them.  I usually find new favorites based on the "Link List's" of Blogs and websites I read regularly.

I don't recall how I stumbled upon Red Carpet Fashion Awards but since the day I have, I've been addicted to checking the seemingly endless stream of celebs on the Red Carpet and reading "Fashion Critic's" thoughtful musings on their looks---head to toe.  In addition, F.C. kept her readers buzzed in on the shows she took in last week at Fashion Week.

Why exactly is Red Carpet Fashion Awards soooo compelling???  Because in addition to her own astute, generally snark free observations, she invites all of us to chime in and offer are opinions too...and chime we do.  It is a savvy, informed bunch of fashionista's who respectfully agree and disagree about silhouettes, fabrics, designers, necklines, lengths, lipstick, shoes...always shoes. F.C. graciously let's us all play in her sandbox and even comments on our comments, when she has something she wants to add.  It is a hoot. YOU MUST see for yourself!

On Wednesday night, Glam Media hosted a fabulous dinner for some of their Blogger's at Fred's at Barney's New York. Catherine and I are both published by Glam Media and I dropped her an email telling her how much I enjoy her site and hoped we would have a chance to say hello if she was attending...little did I know that she receives 2000 or so emails a day!

As luck would have it, Catherine was there and she was utterly charming when I introduced myself as her stalker.  Catherine started Red Carpet Fashion Awards a little over four years ago.  Her popularity has grown immensely and stylists are appreciative of her generous, prolific coverage of "their Girls".  Catherine hails from London and  brightly acknowledges the timely advantage of being 6 hours ahead of the rest of us in the States in terms of scoops. I found Catherine to be refreshing and appreciative. So nice!!!
 Carl Portale, Glam Media V.P. and Publishing Director and DivaDebbi
Catherine Kallon and DivaDebbi

6 hours or not, her hard work is paying off and she is a huge, well deserved success story amongst us Blogger's.  I am going to sign off, so I can pay attention to who's wearing what to the Emmy's so I can prepare DivaDebbi's Red Carpet Report Card for tomorrow.

Guarantee, Fashion Critic's already weighing in.  Addictively, I'll be checking in too.


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