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Sunday, September 25, 2011

DivaDebbi's Quickie Hit List

Growing up, my sister Loren and I were so obsessed with makeup, that our Mother nicknamed us "Bud" and "Perc".  Bud and Perc were two of George Westmores 6 sons, all of who achieved great fame in Hollywood, as the premiere makeup artists of their day.

"Bud's" fascination waxed and waned, but "Perc's", (mine), never did.  Loren now teases me about my product obsession and queries me about how I can possibly devote so much time to beautifying in the pursuit of youth.

The truth is, part of the quest is to find products that multi-task and streamline the process...I've got better things to do too, (though at the moment, none jump to mind).  This week, I am going to write about great products that don't take up little or no additional time than one would take to perform standard grooming rituals.

Added bonus??? None of them will break your bank.

Stay tuned for DivaDebbi's Quickie Hit List...


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