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Thursday, July 29, 2010

St. Tropez

My love affair is still on.  St. Tropez sunless tanning products continue to dazzle me.  After my initial review, they were kind enough to send me the Wash Off Instant Glow for the Face and Body, the Self Tanning Body Spray and the Application Mitt to try.  The Application Mitt is a simple looking two sided, razor thin foam fingerless glove.  It is deceptively brilliant.  Product goes on seamlessly, quickly and most importantly, evenly;  no, even more importantly, tidily.

Here is my take:  the "instant" products are effective; you will get a reasonably dark, immediate tan, that stays put,  until your next shower.  It is the same odd seaweed green shade coming out of the tube, as the self tanning product.  If I am going to look like Mrs. Sprout, even temporarily, I  would rather plan ahead and use the self tanner, and get a few days out of it.  I also love the texture of the iinvisibly colored Gradual Everyday Tanning Mousse.  They do make a Self Tanning Mousse, as well.  I imagine it too is green, but the ease of the mousse vs. the liquid, would be well worth trying.

When I was researching St. Tropez a few weeks back,  I went on their website to learn more.  Now that I know  St. Tropez self tanner will be a regular in my regimen, I signed up for their VIP Club, so I would receive information about new launches and specials.

I am happy to share this one with you.  It is a fantastic offer, with an array of full size products as well as
free shipping.   This is what your $75 kit will include:

*  Self Tanning Mousse 4 oz.
*  Wash Off Instant Glow Body 5 oz.
*  Gradual Everyday Tanning Mousse 4oz.
*  Application Mitt

Only FOUR days left!!!  So if you are at all curious about what all my fuss the fuss about St. Tropez is,
this is a perfect time to find out.

You know I'm in...



  1. I have major love for St. Tropez too - they are the best sunles tanners out there.

  2. I think so too! Literally kicked everything else to the curb. I think they are peerless! I will never use anything else. Thanks for visiting!




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