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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Do Not Bite for Bitten

Dud Alert!!!:
I love the concept of  cheek and lip stains.  The allure of a sheer wash of color creating a natural flush appeals to me.  I have tried stains from Benefit, Stila and CoverGirl.  CG has done the best job of creating more natural shades, other than pomegranate and mango.  The pitfall with them is the "D" word, dry on the lips, dry in the the felt tip applicator, rendering an abysmally short shelf life.
Revlon has stepped back into the stain game, with a  reformulation of their adorably named "Just Bitten".   Cleverly, one side is the stain and the other has a lip balm, to prevent lip lock.  Not surprisingly,  the colors all look like they could be used to decorate a pinata.  I chose the most benign shade, "Twilight" and hoped for the best.

Twilight as it turns out, was aptly named.  Vampire Babes,  Bella and Suki have worn this bloody shade too.  The texture is wet and the application is splotchy.  The balm on the other side. a mushy, white, one inch blob,  smushed to a nub when I applied it  and needed to be disposed of.  When I think of a balm texture, Chapstick comes to my mind not Crisco.

Y'all, this is the single worst product  I have tried in years.  Beware of Just Bitten  (and Werewolves).


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