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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Me and ET

I heard from my friend Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson the other day.   "We are having a special on Radiesse on August 12th.  Do you think your readers might be interested" ???... "Sure!!!  Tell me more and may I pick your brains  a bit too"???..."Of course", she replied.  Thus, another in my series of interviews with the beautiful beautifier Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson.

DD:  "Well, let's start with the promotion and than we can back track a bit...who doesn't like a beauty bargain?  What's the deal"?

ECT:  "The promotion is on Radiesse, a filler that is made from Calcium and is used to restore volume to the upper face and successfully fill in lines on the lower face.   On August 12th,  when you buy one (1.5cc) syringe, you will get a second (.8cc) syringe for free.  That's a $500 value"!!!  We run this offer twice a year.

DD:  "O.K. Lucy, 'splain...How is Radiesse different from Restylane and Juvaderm"?

ECT:   "Think of getting back your cheekbones!  Radiesse can restore an aging face by adding volume to cheekbones, improving jowls and deep smile and marionette lines. One of the great things about Radiesse, is  how long it lasts, generally 9-18 months.  The body breaks it down slowly and actually makes collagen in response to it.   Restylane and Juvaderm are Hyaluronic acid,  a great plumper for lips, camouflaging under eye bags in the "tear trough" and doing subtle corrections around the nose and mouth".

DD:  "I think I am beginning to understand the term "liquid face lift"!  Can they be done at the same time"?

ECT:  "Absolutely!!!  I do it all the time, as well as using Botox or Dysport, to temporarily relax muscles-- the coin slot between the brows, crows feet and lines on the forehead".

DD:   "Sounds like a lot of needles!  Is it painful"???

ECT:  "I use small, thin needles for Botox and Dysport, so it's really just a quick pinch.  We now mix lidocaine, a numbing agent, into the Radiesse and Restylane syringes now arrives with lidocaine already premixed, so discomfort is minimal".

DD:  Is there really "no down time"?

ECT:  "There can be some minor bruising and temporary redness and swelling.  I always advise patients, when having any treatment, to wait at least a week before an important event, to look their best.  Most of the time there is no bruising...but you never know..."

DD:  "How would someone know which filler they need?  For example, I know someone who has rather deep lines around her mouth.  As a lay person I thought Restylane  would be recommended.  Instead, her Dr. recommended Radiesse,  to lift up her cheekbones and thus lift those lines".

ECT:  "That is why I am happy to do a complimentary consultation to discuss specific needs.  It is a delicate balance.  Extensive training and experience is needed to get the best results.  That's what I do best and I love it"!

DD:  "A lot of people travel in August.  How can they take advantage of this offer"?

ECT:  "I would recommend coming in for a consultation now.  If Radiesse will be the right filler,  we can make arrangements to prepay  and it can be used when you return, at your convenience".

DD:  "You  are also personally  making a pledge  to The Breast Cancer Alliance of Greenwich,  (an organization that primarily grants research money)  which you have supported generously in the past:  For every new patient who mentions the BCA, during this promotion, you will donate $50 towards their Journal.    As a Fundraising Committee member, I thank you for your support, whole heartily"!

ECT:  "You are most welcome!  The  BCA  is an amazing organization.  It is my pleasure to support their goals of  helping to fund the research of  some of the most brilliant minds in this country".

So, there you have it.  The latest on facial rejuventation, with a discount and a donation!   Elizabeth also has  discovered Lycogel, a line of foundations and concealers that "Cover and Recover" skin seamlessly after procedures.  I will be Blogging about this and other deep cover products next time.

Dr. Elizabeth Chabner-Thompson  works at the N.Y. Group for Plastic Surgery. (155 White Plains Road Suite 109 Tarrytown, N.Y.  10591.  914-366-6139).  Her colleague, Dr. Andrew Salzberg is my Plastic Surgeon.  He and Drs. Roy and Andrew Ashikari (Breast Surgeon/ Oncologists), pioneered the nipple sparing  "One Step" Direct-to-Implant reconstruction procedure, that eliminates the need for "expanders" and a second surgery for final implants.  Dr. Michael Koch, also now performs this procedure and many others, with beautiful, natural results.

Yes...  I love them.


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