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Friday, July 9, 2010

Does This TuTu Make My Butt Look Big???

In this Thursday's Style section of the New York Times,  they reported on two interactive  fashion websites, Fashism  and Go Try It On,  that were not on my radar.  The premise of both are similar;   people, seeking fashion advice, upload pictures of themselves and ask the viewers to rate and comment on their outfits.  What???   I feel a new obsession coming on...

Of course I had to create a DivaDebbi, profile immediately,  so I could log on and get in on all the fun.  Both young founders Brooke Moreland and Marissa Evans, encourage honesty, but with  un soupcon of kindness, to assuage hurt feelings and keep it all civil.  Nice.

I commented on photos of  women and men, young and middle aged, who inquired about appropriateness, fit and style.  People asked about all manner of floral  frocks (apparently sweeping the nation),  if a wool blazer, crimson button down shirt and undershirt looked elegant and summery, (uh...not exactly)  and  whether  (short) shorts with high espadrilles were working for a forty something suburbanite, (no, Mrs. Bundy,  flat sandals, s'il vous plait).  There were also some either/or uploads, asking  for  feedback on which dress looked better for a lake side wedding and if "we" preferred a stunner as a blonde or a brunette (blonde, 5 to 1).  There were plenty of stylish uploads too,  from people who knew they were on the right track, but just wanted a little love and reassurance, happily provided.

You gotta check it out for yourselves!  In the meanwhile, I am still in good standing, biting my tongue and  taking a "pass"  on certain photos...Sooner or later it's gonna slip---,something will be so hideous, my fingers will get the best of me.   "Take that schmatta OFF"!!!, I will  demand.

Hopefully, the sites "monitors" will let me stay, if I promise to play nicely. I will, I will, Diva's honor.  Merci.



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  2. Hi Josh,
    I'm worries. I will check out Giveaway Scout and let you know what I think. My contact email is




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