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Monday, August 31, 2009

Bonne & Bobbi, Dee & Me

In my last Blog, I invited you to register with, to find the best skin products, "Just For You", (enter code "Divadebbi"). I ended up buying and trying a great one that is "Just For Me", Bobbi Brown's Soothing Face Tonic..

Writing this Blog, often awakens memories from my I perused the mySkin product suggestions by category, I had to ask myself, "why wasn't I using a toner"?

When we were growing up, we spent lots of summer weekends on the east end of Long Island, with my Aunt Dee Dee. I have written about her before...she is our Auntie Mame, glamorous and hilarious and we couldn't get enough of her, including tailing her, while she applied or removed her makeup. The idea of a toner brought me back to Dee Dee's attachment, to Bonne Bell's 10-0-6 lotion. This whiskey colored potion had a distinct camphor smell, and she would use it to remove the last vestiges of the day's make up. Oddly, I couldn't wait to examine the used cotton balls. If this was the end game, why bother with soap at all???.

Had 10-0-6, (recently relaunched as Ten O Six), popped up on the list of toners recommended for me, I would have tracked it down like a bill collector. Instead, Bobbi Brown's Soothing FaceTonic caught my eye. I liked the fact that it was alcohol free and I was curious to see if my first mySkin pick was a winner.

Soothing Face Tonic comes in a handsome, glass bottle, and is made with cucumber and natural lavender extract, giving it a lovely, fresh scent. I wash my face at night, with Cetaphil's Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar, for dry, sensitive skin. I love the smell and silky lather. I never imagined any make up could remain, since I scrub like a neurosurgeon, but low and behold, there was plenty of my morning handiwork on that cotton ball. Oooooooooh.

My skin, felt clean and toned, not stripped. Why had I not thought about using a toner all these years??? In addition, I am using just a bit in the morning, (after I cleanse and resurface with my beloved Reversital 3 in 1 MicrodermaStick), to give me a perfectly toned canvas to apply moisturizer and makeup to. Luh-Oving it!!!

I owe Dee Dee a phone call and naturally my first question is going to be if she is still using Ten 0 Six lotion...either way, I know just what I bringing with me next time I visit---and it doesn't have camphor in it either.


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