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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quiz Me

Do you remember Cosmo Quizzes? I looked forward to taking them every month, to find out things like: What Type of Flirt Are You? Are You A Bitch? and How Honest Are You?. Naturally, they would attempt some trick questions and naturally, I would cheat, so I could fit into whatever category I perceived as most desirable. (For the record, Quite effective after a cocktail, On occasion and apparently, Not very).

I receive a lot of interesting invitations to partner with different websites and sample esoteric products. When I was contacted by, I was immediately intrigued...a website whose mission, "is to scientifically bring clarity to the world of skin care", while providing, "FREE information and tools to make better purchasing decisions"??? Bring it... I am all ears (eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and NECK).

Sans the pencil and pad of my youth, I logged onto and truthfully filled out their online questionnaire, about my skin, genetics, medical and family history, diet, lifestyle and body mass index, (does shaving off 3lbs. still count as cheating)? I also provided a list, of all the skin care items I use and rated their effectiveness. It was fun, quick and easy.

The concept, is that people with similar profiles,("Just Like Me") will respond well to each others highly rated products. It's not for won't be having a cyber meeting with Lilly from Long Island, to discuss the merits of Neutrogena's Healthy Defense...What it does provide you with suggested products to Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, Treat etc... that are just for you. The goal is to virtually help you "stock your shelf" with the best products for your skin. It is continuously updated, as other "yous" log on and share.

There is no advertising on, nor do they make or sell products. There is no bias or slant. I still haven't figured out how they are going to make a dime, (just like my Blog), but I'm not going to worry my pretty little head over it...I am doing busy poring over my lists and taking notes. I've already made my first purchase, Bobbi Brown's Soothing Face Tonic and I love it!!! Thanks gang!!!

Don't feel left out!!! is a "by invitation" website, but readers and subscribers of Divadebbi, are invited to join too. Simply visit and say you were invited by "Divadebbi". Nicely, they have asked me to be one of their featured Bloggers, so you can always visit me there too. Please let know if you join and if you think it will be helpful to you.



  1. Thanks for sharing. I tried it - I thought I knew all the products out there- an I got three recommendations on what would work for me! I'll try one and let you know how it was. Who runs this site- service? Intriguing

  2. I felt the same way!!! I already purchased and used a recommendation and I love it The founders describe themselves as overeducated MBA geeks, on a mission to bring the world more beautiful skin...




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