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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Let's Hear It For The Girls

Have you heard of Lauren Luke? Lauren, is a self taught make up guru and You Tube sensation! Her videos, shown under the name Panacea81, have received over 40,000,000 views and she has over 230,000 subscribers, including me!

Lauren is a 26 year old single mom, who hails from South Shields England. Most of her videos have been shot in her frilly bedroom, without any pretense of glamour. When I first decided to explore You Tube as a medium to promote Divadebbi (and I plan to be doing it more so, by delivering fashion tutorials, stay tuned), I was immediately charmed by her warm, sweet demeanor and impressed by her tremendous skill.

Single handily, Lauren has shaken up the beauty industry. With ad pages tanking in all of the major magazines, due to the recession, Lauren has changed the way women are learning about beauty and from whom they are willing to take lessons, neither of which, has gone unnoticed by the major cosmetic companies either. Rest assured, we will be seeing many more average Annies, being primed to engage us, the way Lauren does, (though I think she will be one tough act to imitate).

Lauren, was recently featured in Thursdays New York Times Style Section, promoting her 5 new beauty pallettes, (which include eyeshadow, liners, primers and coordinating lip and cheek colors), that she developed in partnership with Sephora. Nicely priced at $32, each pallette of course comes with its own, By Lauren Luke tutorial. I have checked them out on line and I am already eyeballing the "Smokey Classics" pallette, though I am hoping it will be available in Greenwich to scratch and sniff first.

It's been quite a year for the pluff English Roses...first, Susan Boyle, then Lauren Luke---Who's next??? The Queen Mum touting Top Shop??? Stranger things have happened.


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