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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Simple Life

I recently had a watershed moment...The reason that I continue to shop for new beauty products, is not born out of boredom or wastefulness. It is the quest to find, "the One".

When I finally find "the One" best, mascara, foundation, lipstick, shampoo, deep conditioner or hairbrush, than in the truest sense, I am simplifying, honing, and creating mental and physical space. Literally, one less thing to think about, (and a little more shelf space).

I recently purged my linen closet of 11 hairbrushes...One of them was a flat paddle brush that could have been a Jr. in high school. Round brushes, in every diameter, including one the size of a bowling pin, vent brushes, Goodies, Mason Pearson's, and 2, that were styled after flat irons, Warren Tricomi's version was an upgrade from it's step sister from CVS.

Why??? Because I found "the One"...The perfect hairbrush. I noticed my hair cutter Billy, (who owns the eponymous Billy's of Mount Kisco), always uses this type of brush, when he blows out my hair. It is unusual, because it is neither round nor is triangular. It is it's own eighth wonder of the world...Watch it straighten, flip, smooth, curl, and create height at the roots and crown. This time, I wasn't leaving the salon without one. (Sidebar: You know you have found a hairstylist, who is "the One", when you don't drive into the curb, restyling it on the ride home, and then bee line it to the bathroom to continue the do-over, neglecting the dog and the mail).

So, with the the help of my Google tool bar, I found the One, for you. Go to Scroll to the "Triangle Collection" and there you will find the Triage Triangle Natural Bristle Brush, (top picture, CR100C1- Med. Pro). The company describes it as unique and universal for all types of hair. The round edge creates, "bend" and the flat edge, creates, "tension", so there is less, "spinning" and therefore less, "work". You can purchase it for $16.90, which is less than the salon price.
WOW!!! A bahgin to boot...

Underneath it all, I am just a simple girl, striving to lead a simple life, one great product at a time..."Simplify". It's my new has an nicer ring to it than "Recessionista", don't ya think???


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