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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Members Only

Wednesday night was my book club's annual Holiday Dinner. I can honestly say, I look forward to this night, every year. Traditionally, we eat at Lusardi's, a fabulous, slightly old school, Italian restaurant in Larchmont. They have a terrific private room, that features an enormous square table, so everyone can at least see, if not hear, each other. One of these days, I will eat something other than the amazing Parmesan crusted, "Veal Martini". It is simply delicious and was ordered by at least 75% of the table, everyone else, feeling exactly the same way. The annual gift swap, is formatted so that gift "stealing" is encouraged, and usually includes, a goody or two, that could have been purchased at a West Village sex shop, for laughs.

The front page of this Sunday's New York Times Style Section, featured a story on women who fired their book groups. They complained about pedestrian book choices, bickering over politics and too much time spent socializing...For sure, they would have fired us too!!!

We talked about the article last night, and reminisced about some of our reads, favorites included: The Pavillion of Women, The Nazi Officer's Wife, The Kite Runner, Interpreter Of Maladies, American Pastoral, Drowning Ruth and Water for Elephants. Mixed consensus: The Corrections, We Were the Mulvaney's and a few of the joyless Pulitzer Prize winners and Oprah picks, that left us uninspired and depressed.

I read this article and sensed that the complainers, felt that the groups taste, was simply too low brow for them. What they missed entirely, I am certain, is the opportunity to bond, with some fantastic women. When we take turns hosting, there is no "competition", just some tasty bites and a few good bottles of Merlot and Chardonnay,(alright... many). Eventually, we do discuss the book. Sometimes at length, sometimes not. But we always laugh, catch up with one another and discuss local (and occasionally, national), politics. We gossip, congratulate, commiserate and swap beauty tips, (this blog was partly inspired by our musings).

I wouldn't care if we decided to pursue the Classics via Dr. Suess...I would never opt out of my treasured seat. Maybe I am reading too much into it, but I doubt we would have invited these cranky souls to have joined us in the first place...To those who would have missed out on Veal Martini, or the chance to go home with a red velvet bralette attached to a matching thong, I say, "Bah Humbug" and lighten up. You don't know what your are missing...



  1. Wait...we are supposed to read BOOKS before we come?!

  2. Only if you can squeeze it in that know the drill, sit quietly and drink while the book is being discussed and then it's party time!
    Love that we still go when we haven't read the book, don't you???




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