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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Simply the Best...Better Than All the Rest

My intention, was to write only about my renewed loyalty to YSL cosmetics...I have long been a fan, (and have Blogged about) Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils. Translation? "Luxurious Mascara for a False Lash Effect". Yes, it's pricey, but Effet is effing perfect. The same holds true for Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick, SPF 15. The consistency of this lipstick is lightweight and comfortable and the finish has a subtle, glossy sheen. Where it stands apart from it's drug store brethren, is that it also imparts a nice amount of pigment, and does not require frequent touch ups. Then there is the infamous Touche Eclat concealer, another product, that I return to again and again obsessively, like a spurned lover.

My crush doesn't end with the products, I am also obsessed with the packaging...Of course I know I am paying extra for the substantial metal containers and glossy golden boxes. What would you rather discreetly pull out of your evening bag between courses? A run of the mill tube of plastic, or an elegant gold rectangle with a YSL cut out logo??? I rest my case...

Sloppy segue way to my latest epiphany...Last night, my friend Jini, the Rock Queen, got us amazing seats to see Tina Turner in concert. (Jini has earned that title. How many people do you know who have seen the Rolling Stones perform at a private concert and on several continents)?

I am still in awe!!! Her luminous skin, voluptuous curves, shimmering costumes, gorgeous legs, powerhouse vocals and ability to shake her booty in 6" Christian Laboutin's, would be a tour de Force, for a woman half her age. At 69, Tina is one gorgeous Goddess and I want lessons...

Throughout the night, Tina radiated pure joy, performing for a diverse audience, who couldn't get enough of her. Tina also enjoyed sharing the credit for this incredible show, with her band, back up singers, dancers and production crew. What a lady!!!

So, I got to thinking...I guarantee you, that every woman, would buy any anti-aging product that Tina chose to become the face of. She is literally, more beautiful than ever. How many women over 50 can say that?

I think Tina should team up with YSL, (two golden beauties), and become their celebrity endorser. I would have so much more leisure time, if I could be loyal to both a cosmetics and skin care line and I swear, I would only accept a microscopique commission, for brokering the deal.



  1. Hi I wanted to let you know I'm planning on profiling my favorite beauty blogs on my own in the next few weeks and off course this is one of them (PS: also doing up a blog roll).

  2. Thanks Lelaelena!
    I am so glad you enjoy my mad musings and want to share me?

    Tell me about your blog!!! I would love to read about what your are up can I find you?




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