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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tarte Double Duty Shape Tape Concealer

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
10 shades $24

OK, for starters, I have no clue why this concealer is so peculiarly named. I don't see how it's performing "double duty" and I don't know what "shape tape" means.

I had tried Tarte Shape Tape Concealer a few weeks back at Ulta, where it is being sold exclusively at retail. They only offered 6 shades, and mine, Light Medium, was sold out, as were most others.  It is also available on Tarte's website...sort of.  Any of the shades most of us would choose are perennially sold out. I asked to be notified by email when it was back in stock.  A few days later, my dreams came true.  By the time I got to ordering it about 9 hours later, I was back to square one.

Don't we all want more, what we can't have???  I had recently thought I found something pretty special with Too Faced Born This Way Concealer.  Once I tried Shape Tape I could see I got more significant coverage and the hunt was on...

Today I finally got lucky. Tarte Shape Tape was restocked at Ulta.

By mistake, I picked up the Medium, yet it seems just about perfect, not too dark or light.  I also bought a concealer brush, having read that the chubby sponge applicator, was hard to manage.

It is...

This. Is. Really. Good. Stuff... Total, creaseless, coverage that somehow seems to diminish the look of fine lines.  If is what, "shape tape", refers to, I want a formula for my knees.

It also looked completely fresh, 12 hours and a Pilates class later. Today TotalBeauty  happened to run a step by step on how to completely cover dark circles.  Though the model did not have what appeared to be problem dark circles, the step-by-step had some interesting points, starting with a concealer brush.

I intend to try it tomorrow.

I'm delighted with my new purchases (which was made with my return of Born This Way Concealer. Always save those receipts Lovelies.)  and received a few compliments about both my makeup and how rested I looked. All credit to Tarte Double Duty Shape Tape.

I'm hoping if you find it, you will both find it and then love it as much as I do...


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