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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Anastasia Eye Shadow Quads: Create Your Own

Anastasia Eye Shadow Quads
$12 each/ 4 for $40 when you purchase the quad pan

I don't remember ever looking at an eye shadow quad, no matter how luxe, ie. Chanel, and thinking yes! Every single one is just the right shade for me. 2 maybe perfect, 1 meh, and the last a complete dud.

Boo hoo.

Another thing I've learned,  is that if you are beauty bargain hunting, eye shadows are not best scrimped on.  A beautiful, finely milled powder will glide on evenly, have more pigment and last longer.
I'm sure I had a good reason for being in Sephora the other day.  Right now, I can't remember what it was...I was too distracted by the gorgeous Anastasia of Beverly Hills single shadows, available in matte, shimmer and satin finishes.

God, they were pretty! Naturally the one I most wanted, Pink Champagne, was sold out. (Everywhere, it turns out.)  Nonetheless, it took time and a little experimenting to find 4 shadows, 2 mattes and 2 shimmers, that were exactly right for my coloring.

The singles are priced at $12 each.  Purchasing singlely, without a secure pan to sit in, would probably not be practical...breakage seems inevitable.  When you purchase the quad pan, the price lowers to $10 each, brushes are also not included.

I looked at both Anastastia and Sephora's websites and noticed there were literally dozens of shades and finishes to choose from...waaaay too overwhelming and hard to distinguish between the tonal variations of the subtle hues.

This is best done up close and personally.  I promise it will be time well spent and for once, you too, can have a fully functioning eye shadow quad, duds excluded...


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