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Thursday, September 8, 2016

CoverGirl Katy Kat Eyes Mascara

CoverGirl Katy Kat Eye Mascara
$11.99 (less outside of Greenwich Ct.)

I am a complete sucker when it comes to drugstore mascara launches. Compulsively and wistfully, I toss them into my CVS red basket and open them, the next morning like a kid on Xmas morning, gleeful in anticipation.

I know, I know...I am still pretty pleased with Maybelline Colossal Spider Effects Mascara, but what if  CoverGirl's Katy Kat Eye (inspired by Katy Perry, she of great fake lash fame) was even better???

Hence, I tossed...
One of my all time favorite drugstore mascaras is CoverGirl's Lash Exact, (in the purple tube,) so I will always give a CG launch the benefit of the doubt.

CoverGirl Katy Kat Eye promises an increase of 10 fold volume.  Promise are sometimes broken..Basically, I got nada.  No length, no volume and a very gloppy, sloppy brush.

Reviews concur...A. Dud.

Oh. Well.  And the beat goes on...


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