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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Review: Vita Liberata Body Blur

Vita Liberata Body Blur
$45 (ouch)

Vita Liberata is best known as a company that produces self tanning products.
The only one I ever tried was a self tanning bronzing powder for the face.  I love, love, love multi-tasking products.  Even more so, when they work.  This one didn't.  It was a lovely enough bronzer, but I didn't get even a hint of a self tanning element.  I hoped to wash it off and essentially, look like I did 3 minutes before...

No such luck and back it went to Sephora.

I often have a boat load of Sephora points, which nicely entitles you to deluxe samples upon checking out.  I spotted Vita Liberata's Body Blur, and instantly requested it.

It was love at first swipe...
I'm not surprised that Vita Liberata Body Blur is a favorite of Hollywood makeup artists.  Though it only is available in one shade, as a body foundation, which essentially this is, it does create a lovely, even, glowing, faux tan and blur, it does!   Freckles, age spots and spider veins seem to disappear. It also boasts 24 hour wear.  Trust me when I tell you, you won't want it to wash off.

In concept, it's like the leg makeup created by Sally Hansen, minus the opaque finish of paint primer and the color of a bushel of carrots.  The only advantage to the SH over Vita Liberata is price.

It can be used on the face, and as someone who always prefers a bit of color, I couldn't wait to try it.  I find it best used the way I have always used my former Holy Grail Bronzer, Stila's One Step Bronze; applied to my palm and whisked up with a large, fluffy brush.  Applied to liberally, on its own, it looked like the Tin Man, albeit a bronze one.

I checked the reviews and found this YouTube video from Vital Liberata's founder, Allyson Hogg, who suggests applying it to the body, exactly as I was already doing for my face. I also think it will save on a lot of using a lot of product at one time, a good thing since it's not inexpensive.

This time, the sample bait worked and I returned to purchase the full size tube.
The packaging is attractive, and it is easy to store it cap side down. After sitting in the opposite direction in my Sephora bag for a a few hours, I was shocked to see that this is hardly a full tube! Deceivingly, the window at the bottom makes is look like it's chock full of product,  I was so dismayed, I brought it back to Sephora, thinking I may have purchased a used tube...

Nope.  This faux tanner apparently is also "trompe l'oeil.  There's a whole lotta less product in this tube than you are paying for!  Hmmmph! Sadly, I love it too much to return, but thought I should share this with you, before writing my poison pen letter to said Founder.

So my Lovelies, for those of us who can't bear to part with the last rays of the summer, this makeup will salve your summer break up. Caution:  Use Sparingly.


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