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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Available in 4 Shades $22

I was sure hoping it would be...A couple of weeks ago I blogged about, "Micro Blading", the latest brow craze.  Eyebrows are tattooed in feather like strokes, with medical grade ink, too create natural, full looking brows that last from 18-24 mos.  Two ouch factors; cost, about $800 and a bit of pain, despite the numbing cream.

I thought the better alternative might be WUNDERBROW, an at home, semi permanent brow kit, with magnetic fibers, that is supposed to last 2-3 days without touch up, even after showering.

For my purposes, I thought I would start there...
Since WUNDERBROW is one of Amazon's biggest sellers and I, of course, have an Amazon Prime account, that was my site of choice. (I love the Prime feature of next or 2nd day delivery.  Between one-click purchases and the $79 that has amortized 100 fold for shipping, I have practically deluded myself into thinking I'm receiving presents...anyone else?!)

I was going to be at the beach for a few days and thought it would be the perfect time to give WUNDERBROW a test run.  Unfortunately, I clicked a wee too fast and was sent the Auburn shade.

Oh well...I sent it back and ordered the Brunette shade, which is a little taupeier than I would have liked, but the only reasonable choice among, Blonde, Auburn and Black/Brown. I knew it would be waiting upon my return, and it was.

I immediately took took to my bathroom with a cotton pad soaked in Bioderma and removed my brows, anxious to paint of my new semi-perm brows.  The good news is WUNDERBROW  applies cleanly and easily with a small liner like applicator.  Using small brush strokes and a spooly brush to fluff them up and distribute the product, I took a step back to observe them.  I thought a bit more definition was in order, so I reapplied a second coat.

I thought they looked nicely finished and refined...but would they last???

Later I both washed my face and showered, without avoiding them.  They looked significantly lighter. By morning, I could see traces of more depth than usual, but still, they needed to be completely refreshed.

On the plus side, I like it. I've certainly spent more than $22 on other brow products and it is easy to use and produces full, natural looking brows. One the down side, there really is nothing semi-permanent about them, if bathing has anything to do with your daily routine.

I've decided to keep it and will probably use it down to the last stroke.  Will I repurchase it? I certainly would have if it met all my expectations to stick around, but it didn't. Besides, the next best thing is just down the pike...donchathink???


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