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Friday, November 27, 2015

The Red Lip; Be true to thy self

A model at this Springs Oscar de la Renta show
Photo courtesy of the NY Times Magazine

I have tried, dozens of times over the years to find and then actually wear the red lipsticks I have purchased. I love the allure of thinking that all I would need to zzssshuush up an evening ensemble, is a slice of red lip, quiet cheeks and a smokey cat eye, (which after umpteen years of trying, I have still yet to master.) What about you???

I have deluded myself into thinking maybe I just haven't found the right shade; too orange, blue, bright, matte, glossy, when in fact, I am just not that Girl.  I look in the mirror and all I see is my mouth. It's as if everything else loses focus.

Alas, I claim defeat.  I surrender the red lip to the Sophia's, Rooney's, Uma's and Gwen's of this world. I guess if you are well known enough that one name suffices, red lips can come with the territory.

One thing I now try to do, is be true to myself and my face.  I can rarely resist reading any expert's tips, on makeup to avoid as you age.  I have gone without eyeshadow, stopped lining my under eyes, worn less mascara, worn it on the top only and have tried dozens of BB creams and tinted moisturizers, in place of foundation, (my new and forever Holy Grail is Too Faced Born This Way.) Net net, I look exhausted  with minimal eye makeup. Yes. I have very good skin that can wear less, but you know what?  Flawless with foundation is OK in my book.

My takeaway? I'm open to suggestions and in the privacy of my own bathroom, I'll try just about anything, however, I don't think are any hard and fast rules that work for every face at every age. "Be true to thyself".

I do love the Holiday season, because there are so many fantastic cosmetic gift sets available to purchase. Note: there are no bargains unless every single thing offered is a color and hue that you feel comfortable wearing.

If all else is perfect with my hauls,but happens to come with a red lipstick, I will let you know Lovelies.  The first one to claim it will have it sent their way wrapped with a bow.  Hat's off to you for being that Girl...


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