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Monday, November 23, 2015

Sophia and Joe Tie the Knot!!!

Silly me!  I literally leaped for joy this morning when I caught the my first glimpse of the wedding photos of magnificent bombshell Sophia Vergara to the magnificent bombshell Joe Manganiello, (truth be told, I would have preferred clean shaven...I can't speak for Sophia.)

Why was I so excited about her dress??? Because all day, I thought Sophia went traditional, in a full skirted gown...little did I know till later when I took a better look at photos,that it wasn't "fully full".

I often lament, that the stunning Sophia never deviates from her tried and true strapless, curve loving, skin tight gowns on the Red Carpet. Zuhair Murad is frequently her go-to designer and though always pretty, I often have to stifle a yawn.

True to form, and a fabulous form it is, the bones of the dress are essentially the usual and no surprise, the skirt detached, rendering her in yet another strapless, curve loving, skin tight gown.

Oh well! It's her day, not mine and I'm firmly in the "all brides are beautiful" camp, especially this one. I'll hold on to the hope, like I always do, that one day Sophia will take a risk and wow us not just with her beauty and charm, but with a look that stands apart from the dozens that preceded it.

Wishing them all the joy they deserve...


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