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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Becker Salon in Greenwich/ Beauty Rx The Peel Bar By Dr. Schultz

Becker Salon
380 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich Ct.
(Second floor) 203-340-9550

Becker Salon
Spacious and Gracious

This, is my happy place...

Every time I step into Becker Salon, (which I might add, is at least once a week :), I instantly feel calm As you enter, every client is greeted warmly and with the full attention of Armann and Paul at the front desk.The next thing your eye takes in is the beauty of the sleek, all white Italian design, framed by sunlight streaming through the exposed windows. I've never been there when there wasn't a luscious little treat on hand to tempt and all of that is before meeting with a member of their creative talent, on hand to pamper and make you look and feel beautiful.  Services include, hair styling, color, makeup, manicures, pedicures waxing and brows, (with the fabulous Pina), and massage. 

Since doubling their space and moving to Greenwich Avenue last February, partners Becker Chicaiza and Nathali Ocampo have achieved their dream; creating one magnificent space and place to take care of all your beauty needs. (Wedding parties are a also a specialty.) 

It's a triumph!!! Visit just once, and you will understand why this oasis of warmth, calm and caring really is my happy place. Oh, and I didn't even mention the massage chairs at the shampoo station. Delete any notion or previous experience you have had. If I could, I would just come their just to nap...No detail for your comfort as been overlooked.

Becker and DivaDebbi
Whenever I read about something new in the beauty for fashion world that intrigues me, I pop it in a virtual folder.  I had read an article in the NY Times, about Dr. Neal Schultz, a respected NYC Dermatologist, who has performed over 55,000 gylcolic peels in his office. Dr. Schultz believes that Glycolic acid is the "gold standard" of chemical exfoliation. (So does Diva.)

In addition to his in office treatments, he developed a line of his signature products called BeautyRx. He then took a good thing one step further...Dr. Schultz created a pop up Peel Bar at Butterfly Studio in the Flatiron district. Now without having to book an expensive appointment for a 40% Gylcolic peel in his uptown office, anyone could be in, out an freshly exfoliated in minutes for a fraction of the price. 

The idea caught fire, spawning other BeautyRx Peel Bars by Dr. Schultz in many Saks stores and...wait for Becker Salon.  Be still my heart!

A brilliant addition to painlessly refresh their clients faces and hands while enjoying other services or as a quick and easy pit stop, to keep skin glowing, with zero downtime. Who among us don't have 5 minutes to spare??? (Men too, are of course welcome to get in on the action. Dr. Schultz estimates 20% of his clients are men.) 

Dr. Neal Schultz's Peel Bar at Becker Salon
Expertly run by Eden Gillman 203-340-9550

I was at Becker Salon yesterday having a perfect blowout with Marcia, when I decided to first try the peel on my hands.  Eden, who is passionate and knowledgeable about Dr. Schultz peels and at home products, guided me though the simple process: cleanse, apply the 40% Glycolic solution, wait 2 minutes, neutralize and moisturize.  There was no discomfort, just a mild tingling.  Eden said the hands and their glowing results, ($25) are often the gateway to consenting to a facial peel.  The instant results can be maintained with use of products for at home use and a monthly visit.

Below are my results pre and post peel. My right is visibly brighter and less mottled looking. Naturally, I wasn't leaving without a matched set.  Look closely again at the my hand in the second picture compared to the first....
Right hand post peel
Left hand untouched

Left hand post peel, visibly brighter and matching the right
Loved it! I think the results speak for themselves. Next time, I will have a facial peel ($50) and the hand peel. (Only $60 when performed together). Seriously good stuff.

I am also looking forward to a Media and Blogging event Dr. Schultz PR team has organized in December at Becker. I promise to update and share what more I learn.

In the meanwhile, my thanks to Becker and Nathalie for always making me feel relaxed and cocooned whenever I visit. I know in my heart that any of my lovely readers, close enough to experience Becker, will be treated with equal TLC. Passion, expertise and kindness awaits...


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