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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Meet Lisa Topham Director of Split Rock Aesthetic Institute

Lisa Topham R.N., BSN
Director of Split Rock Aesthetic Institute
Wilton Ct./Greenwich Ct.

The Split Rock Aesthetic Institute in Wilton, Ct. first came on my radar when I went there to interview the famed Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Neil Gordon.  The blog I wrote, still stands as one of the more comprehensive articles written about Dr. Gordon, who works under the radar as he deftly resets the clock, on the faces of media elite, film stars and his well heeled patients. (I'm sure if he wanted, Dr. Gordon could star in his own "Botched" reality show. He is also known for 'fixing" the faces of distraught patients of other surgeons.)

The Retreat at Split Rock is where Dr. Gordon operates, in his fully accredited surgical center. Patients can recuperate, in a luxuriously appointed spa and Inn, with round-the-clock medical care and nourished by their acclaimed full time chef.  It is also, harmoniously, where Lisa Topham and her staff work with patienys at the Split Rock Aesthetic Institute.

If it seems counter-intuitive for a surgeon and a premier non-surgical practitioner to share one roof, you are looking at anti-aging beauty as a competition between practices.  It's not.  It's all about you. Your face, your needs, your budget and how far you are willing to go to stay ahead of natural aging.

Going under the knife is not for everyone and lucky for us, Lisa Topham and her staff are utilizing all of the best injectibles, lasers and therapies out there, to work with you on your goals. With 30 years of experience in the field, and the passion and training to know exactly where a long term filler should be placed, does it really make sense to trust your face to a practitioner promoting with a  Group-On offer???

Not to me...

    Logo from Lisa's webpage

Lisa Topham came back on my radar in the last year.  Some of my friends and clients, who share my confidence, were looking fresh, youthful and lifted in a subtle but appealing way.  Long term fillers like Voluma XC, more gradual ones like Sculptra, or quicker fixes like Perlane could be the answer, but was I missing the 411 on something more?  And if so, by whom?

Enter again, Lisa Topham, who in addition to working at the Aesthetic Institute in Wilton, was now seeing patients in Greenwich Ct. at Dr. Gordon's satellite office at 116 Mason St.

It was Lisa who was responsible for the smoother jawlines, wider temples and more open eyes, my own eagle eye was scouting. The 5 year filler Lisa is using with such great success is called Bellafill and it is beloved in Europe.

Lisa, who has always been on the "cutting edge" of the non-cutting edge, was an early convert, training 3 years ago and using it on patients who trust her aesthetic expertise, experience and dedication to helping patients look refreshed and natural.

Since Bellafill lasts up to 5 years, would you risk going to someone, even your most trusted injector, who is newly adding this to their anti-aging arsenal???

I wouldn't...

I attended a seminar at their Mason Street office on November 29th, and was able to see some examples of Lisa's work with Bellafill, Botox and other injectibles with before and after slides. Lisa's team, is also expert in administering Ulthera Treatments (Ultrasound for lifting and tightening), Exilis (Radio frequency which removes fat and tightens skin non-surgically) and the very effective Sciton Laser.

It was interesting to be seated among women of all ages, copiously taking notes.  I get it. It's a lot to process. No matter what your age, whether in your late 30's and looking towards prevention or your late 60's and determined not to have a facelift, Lisa will help you navigate and create a long term plan for your best self.

Having a complimentary consultation with Lisa, is the first step towards getting educated about your face and what can and can't be achieved non-surgically.

I defy you to meet her and not instantly feel comfortable with her warm, engaging manner. Lisa will give you a direct, but kind, assessment of the current state of where your age is showing and how she can best correct it. She understands there are a lot of options to consider and encourages you to think about them before getting started on your next appointment. 

For your complimentary consultation with Lisa Topham in either location, contact her at 203-831-8029. Please tell Lisa you  were referred by DivaDebbi. I would be honored to hear back from you, as I have from people who have worked with Dr. Gordon after reading my blog @

Your face is the one thing you wear everyday...It's not the place to cut corners, like scoring a great Prada knockoff at Zara.  Any physician or dentist can now take courses for a few short hours and start injecting. Be smart.  Be safe...


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