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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Goodies from the UK; Sarah Chapman's FaciaLift Roller, Lipstick Queen's Oxymoron Blush

Sarah Chapman Facial Lift Roller
Lipstick Queen Oxymoron Lipstick and Blush

I always say my beauty life and real life frequently coincide.  Right before leaving for London, I received a Space NK newsletter about British Skin Guru Sarah Chapman's newly update Facial Lift Roller. Intrigued, I started doing research. Tech gadgets bore me to tears, beauty gadgets garner my full, rapt attention.

Big Sigh. Sold out.  Next shot, I emailed the Sarah Chapman peeps.  Wouldn't they LOVE to send me a Facial Lift Roller to sample?  "Yes" we would love you to Blog.  "No" we don't have any samples available to send...seriously???  Okaaaaaay.

Before I left, I was also in Bloomingdales, on the hunt for my perennially sold out lip liner fave MAC's Soar. Annoyingly, my Holy Grail liner was also discovered by a well known Kardashian makeup artist. He touts it regularly, spurning a worldwide shortage. Grrrrrrr. Maddening for me, and yes sold out on this trip to Bloomies. (I nearly wept at JFK when a MAC outpost had them in stock. 2 for me, one for my divine host Nancy.)

While at Bloomies, I popped into their Space NK boutique. I enjoy perusing this beautifully curated "shop" featuring the best in skincare and makeup, (but no Sarah Chapman at this location.)  I did spy Lipstick Queens's display of Oxymoron Lipstick and Blush, a matte product that is meant to be used on both facial areas. "Romantic"  is a gorgeous pop of pink, but would never have enough pigment to be my choice as a lip shade, but oh the possibility of being a gorgeous, long wearing blush...(I did love and use Makeup Forever's High Definition Blush, but truth be told, there is nothing "forever" about it. It fades.)

I sampled it and ran...and then obsessed, as this pretty pop that I tapped on my cheekbones with my finger pads, did indeed, stay put. The only time it budged was when I removed it 6 hours later when I was taking my makeup off.  Note to self:  Must have...

Fast forward to my first day in London. Great luck and timing were on our side, we were able to squeak in a quick lunch with our NY friend Connie Marks, a documentarian, who was wrapping a shoot that morning and leaving a few hours later. Onward to the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, where a long wait, was not rewarded, with a middling Chanel exhibit, (much of it, literally composed of cartoon like vignettes. My thanks though, to Nancy for granting my wish to see it.)

And then, as we left, I spied a freestanding Space NK, which dot London, like Sephora does in NYC.  "Can we???"  "Of course," Nancy replied, always a great indulger  of my beauty antics.

Be still my heart! Sarah Chapman's Facial Lift Roller and Lipstick Queen Oxymoron practically side by side. SOLD!!!

Naturally, I couldn't wait to try out my new Facial Lift Roller. I absolutely love it! Yes, I'm glowing. Yes, friends have noticed. Another plus for me, is that the kneading roller heads gently massage and help drain the lymph glands in the area behind my ears.  This is where my tension migrates to and headaches often stem from. I believe while using it, I can be heard purring.

I use it twice a day, always in the shower and always with a cleanser. You will feel some pressure, which is greatly mitigated by using something emollient with it.

Below is everything you need to know about what the Facial Lift Roller is and doesplus and most importantly, this Sarah Chapman YouTube video link which explained everything I was doing wrong:  (Personally, I could listen to her speak about the benefits of "meh-soooooash","lid-er-ruhlay" all day, but hey, I'm a sucker for a posh British accent.)

A facial massager that mimics the fast tapping, pinching and knuckling of Sarah’s signature Skinesis facial massage, perfect for an at home facial experience and achieving an instant post facial glow.

The Facialift incorporates eight massage heads with 48 nodules that, when gently rolled across the face, reshapes, refines, contours and tones the skin by imitating swift movements of fingertips and knuckles.

The Facialift can be added into any routine to help to improve product performance and boost skin’s circulation, oxygenate cells and carry nutrients to the skin giving you a youthful rosy glow within minutes. 

The Facialift helps congested skin by promoting lymphatic drainage to remove toxins, it releases tension from the jaw and improves sagging skin by working the major muscle groups delivering a dramatically lifting and firming effect. 

- Encourages blood flow bringing a glow to the skin
- Helps decrease puffiness through lymph drainage
- Redefines contours
- Stimulates and energises the face
- Oxygenates the cells for healthier skin                                       
So Lovelies, a bit long winded I know, but I promised you a catch-up. Does my mini haul intrigue??? Would you spend your hard earned money on something for your face that looks like it might have been purchased at William Sonoma???

Maybe yes, maybe no, but hopefully, you do at least make some better informed choices being my loyal readers.



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