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Friday, July 3, 2015

What In the World is Face Baking?

Face Baking courtesy of Refinery 29/Youtube

Do you have not a clue???  Neither did I, until this morning, when my friend Linda Levy asked me if I have tried it.  I couldn't possibly, since I somehow missed the newest beauty fad to hit the blogosphere.

Is it surprising that this half baked trend has Kardashian roots??? Not really.  Contouring madness has reached a new zenith due to the K. clan, which no doubt also includes Caitlin. Supposedly, Kim's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic has been baking her and recently went public with the technique.

So what's it all about???

Face "Baking" is not new.  It's origins are in the drag community. The purpose is to create a long lasting more flawless finish, to areas that one wants to highlight. Light colored, finely milled loose powder is applied thickly, as above and is left to set or "bake" for 10-30 minutes.  It is then removed with a large fluffy brush.

What remains does appear flawless.

Refinery 29, one of my latest online daily reads, did a good job of writing about it and imposed two YouTube tutorials to view.

Here's the thing...these are very young chickadee's...How on earth does this translate to a more mature face?
I know I do almost everything to avoid powder these days, so it's hard to imagine how baking would be an advantage to fine lines in the delicate eye area.

So what do you think? Just another gimmicky colossal waste of time for the beauty obsessed with too much time on their hands?

Of course, just for fun and to assuage my curiosity, I'm going to have to try it. If you are very, very lucky, I will share the before and after with you, though at this moment, all I can thing of at the moment is Bette Davis in Sweet Baby Jane...

xox,       P.S.  Well Girls, I tried "baking" this morning, and let it set while I applied my eye makeup when I  
DD        applied my eye makeup.  When I brushed it off after about 10 minutes, the results were nothing                     short of horrifying!!!!   I literally aged 20 years in front of my eyes!!! Definitely NOT for the faint of heart, or anyone over the age of thirty.


  1. Most black/ethnic girls been doing this in their tutorials for awhile now, we always apply our foundations and powders first and let it sit while we're doing our eyes, then we brush it off after we've finished....white women do their eyes first and their foundation & powders last so it doesn't have time to bake..... it's now catching on in the whole beauty community.

  2. Interesting Lily!
    Actually, I have never done my eyes first. I kind of imagined baking as the last step in a three prong process. At your suggestion, Ill try using the powder after I put on my concealer and bb cream or foundation, than do my eyes. At least I wont be adding time to my already time consuming makeup.

    Thanks for your comment.


    1. I'm a 71 year old Caucasian woman and I've never done my eyes first and so to say that face baking is a technique that is only now catching on in the white community is completely wrong. The face first or eyes first debate has been going on amongst women of all races for more years than I've been wearing makeup.

      As for face baking having Kasdashian roots--nonsense! I can say unequivocally that face baking has been around for ages and is a common technique popular with drag queens and other people in the entertainment industry. It doesn't surprise me that Kim K. would embrace the technique as she favors a heavy, theatrical look in makeup, but neither she nor her makeup artist came up with the idea.

  3. Hi Eileen,
    Actually, I did mention that face baking has it's roots in the drag community, nor did I reference anything about race, so I'm not sure if your speaking of what I wrote or Refinery 29's piece. Interest in the "K" clans makeup does attract media, so it's not a surprise that "face baking" is having a moment now that they are doing it, vs. the many years its been around without notice.


  4. Hi Debbi,
    It was Lily Seymore (first comment) who referenced race. I should have made it clear that I was responding to her comment and not your article. As for the Kim K. comment, that was in response to your second paragraph which references Kim and her makeup artist. I'm so tired of her receiving credit for makeup techniques such as contouring and face baking that have been around for ages. Guess I'm just old and cranky! LOL

  5. Eileen,
    Not half as old and cranky as I looked after try the technique, I assure you, LOL!




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