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Friday, July 10, 2015

Vogue's 2015 Beauty Break Throughs; JeNu Skin Infuser

How influenced am I by beauty endorsements from Vogue, Elle, Allure etc...? Pretty much, sucker punched, every time.  After all, they have full staffs of people doing nothing but trying products day and night and lucky for them, and sadly not for me, they are even paid for it.

I came across this nifty little product via my Facebook feed.  It turns out that the hand held JeNu's Skin Infuser one of Vogue's 10 "Game Changers" for 2015.

JeNu's Skin Infuser available online with a (hefty discount) or at Neiman's and Nordstroms (without)
What dozens of women report, is that when using JeNu daily with their favorite skin care products, the boost the "infusion" system provides greatly improves the efficacy of their skincare routine, plumping, tightening and reducing fine lines, wrinkles and folds. It is also extremely well reviewed on independent sites that rate products such as these.

JeNu comes with a 30-Day Risk Free Return Policy.  Most of the women reported great results in less time. I opted to purchase my JeNu system with a discount and in three installments.  I figured that way, if I'm not seeing results within a few weeks, I can return it, without having to lay out a large sum.

To see the complete list of Vogue Game Changers click on this link. On a surprisingly lovely note, 5 out of the10 products listed are under $25. (I will most definitely be picking up Jergen's BB Cream for Hands for $7 bucks, that much I can assure you.)

Naturally, I will keep you apprised of my own results. All gain and no pain???  Here's hoping...(and if any of you Lovelies are ahead of me on this, please chime in with your experience.)


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