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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beauty on the Go: Giovanni Hair Towelettes to the Rescue

Giovanni Hair Towelettes
10 Towelettes/6.99

Have you ever resorted to using bathroom hand lotion to tame frizz, particularly around the hairline?  I have!

I did a clever thing this summer.  Rather than wrestle the summers humidity wreaking havoc on my hair, I opted to have a Brazilian Express hair treatment. More mild, than the one that makes women look like an Afghan for 3 days, my Brazilian Express treatment, joyfully, could be washed and blown the very next morning.

Am I a little bitter than my sister Loren, she of the China doll hair gene, has never had to battle unruly beach head?  Maybe just a little...But now, I too, am unfrazzeled 24/7. Added bonus? My hair drys in half the time. My stylist Sonia says I won't need another treatment for another 2 weeks, so all in, it will have lasted 3 months of bliss.

Does this mean that every hair is always in place? Not exactly.  Days in the mid 90's capped with high humidity still need a little help.  When my friends at Kip Morrison PR asked me if I wanted to sample Giovanni Hair Towelettes, a single use touch-up towelettes, of course I accepted.

Intended for all hair types, Giovanni Hair Towelettes come in two formulations: Avocado & Olive Olive and Brazilian Keratin and Argan Oil, I found them both to be convenient and effective.  They instantly tame frizz and add shine.

In my experience, using the towelette directly on my hair dispensed too much product.  I much prefer to rub it on my palms or fingertips and gently placing it where my hair needs help.  Giovanni Hair Towelettes can also serve double duty; if you apply it lightly on your body, you will achieve the kind of glow reminiscent of something you might see on  J. Lo and a Bravo Housewife ifyalikethatsortofthing.

It's sweetly priced and available on their website or widely through Amazon. No matter where I'm going, I tuck one into my bag, clutch or overnight toiletry case.

Truly, they have come in handy, happily less so since my Brazilian Express...


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