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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Laura Geller Sculpting Bronzer

Laura Geller Bronzing Sculpting Bronzer

I'm getting a little bitter about those Kardashian Girls getting all the credit for every beauty trend.  You can't walk into any store that sells cosmetics without bumping into their "sculpting" display. Every brand has come out with a sculpting set and they are pretty, pretty pricey.

I for one have been trying to create higher cheekbones and a slimmer nose for years...who didn't want to look like the Czech-born Supermodel Paulina Porizkova back in the day? 

This sculpting gig is anything but new...

Paulina Porizkova

I still remember sucking in my cheeks and applying toffee colored streaks in the middle of my face, trying to recreate what nature hadn't intended. One of the tiny perks of aging, is that our faces do slim down, The cheekbones that eluded me then are now easy to define.

Bronzing powder can easily stand in for anything marketed for "sculpting", but still I felt the tug to search for one that was both well priced and might appear natural enough to wear before 8 p.m.

I finally honed in on Laura Geller's Sculpting Bronzer. It has 3 shades; a highlighter, a sculpting shade and a bronzer. It also comes with a slanted brush that has a sponge tip applicator to apply the highlighter. I'm not usually a fan of bronzing powder, because I find it too drying. Nicely, Laura Geller Sculpting Bronzer is baked with jojoba oil in it. This is the first bronzer I have ever used that I think looks natural and radiant.
The shade intended for slimming and sculpting is indeed subtle. The two can easily be blended with a large fluffy brush for more depth.  The only misstep is the highlighter, which  is far too pearly white--affected is not pretty (reference: Any Kardashian photo.)

How about you? Do you sculpt? Would you buy a separate product? Does it feel like one more step you don't want to add to your beauty routine?

It took me awhile to give in to this "trend" but I'm pleased with this purchase since it's reasonably priced, small enough to fit in my makeup bag, natural enough to wear by day.

Pretty, pretty...


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