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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wondering about NYX Wonder Pencils?

NYX Wonder Pencil
When it comes to beauty products, I love hearing about whatever my friends, relatives, colleagues, readers, and now instructors are swooning over.

Whenever possible, I attend Emma Swain's Saturday Mat Pilates class at Equinox Greenwich.  Not only is she fabulous teacher, whose "booty extravaganza" never fails to bring me to the brink of tears, her giddy, witty, repertoire makes the hour pass in a blink, thank God.

Somehow, after class last week we got onto the subject of beauty products and she quickly jotted down the web address for DivaDebbi. Emma is a fan of NYX Wonder Pencils. She pointed out, just how useful a point can be in the art and artifice of concealment.

NYX recommends the Wonder Pencil for concealing flaws, outlining the lip line to keep it from feathering and lining the lower water lid, as an eye brightener.

I was fine with the first two, but using this as a threefer, seems a tad unhygienic to me. I don't want to use something I use in my eye on my you?

Neither does Emma.  At a mere $4.50 a pop, buying two makes sense. Emma in fact, prefers the lighter shade for her eye area.  I have purchased products for this purpose before, in fact a barely used Pixie exists somewhere in my stash.  I like the idea of brightening my eyes, I just always forget to do it.

Naturally, I had to give at least one a whirl.  The medium shade is best suited for my skin tone. It does a good job of concealing tiny flaws that could otherwise, only be conquered with a concealer brush. As promised, it does, a nice job of keep lip liner and lipstick from feathering.

So, now I have a new trick for my bag of tricks and so do you...Thanks Emma! Now my face and my arse appreciate you.


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