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Saturday, June 6, 2015

One to Skip: Cover FX Custom Color Drops

Cover FX Custom Color Drops
Like others who purchased Cover FX Custom Color Drops, I was enamored with the concept; customizing your foundation...How novel.

Want full coverage? Use it straight up.  A tinted moisturizer? Mix a few drops with your favorite moisturizer or serum. More coverage? Add a few more drops. Less? Vise versa. The potential for use as a multi-tasker sounded good, plus I liked the idea of playing chemist.

The first challenge was selecting a shade. Sephora had a large selection of shades of Cover FX Custom Color Drops to choose from, (though I counted a whopping 24 online.)

Nothing seemed to match my skin tone, which has yellow undertones.  Oddly the only thing that came close was from the pink hues.  I struggled for about 15 minutes before choosing.
Still I had high hopes...

From the start, it was a messy proposition.  I mistakenly thought the somewhat sloppy testers were in that condition from being exposed, use and wear.  This is what my product looked like from the moment it was opened, essentially a gloppy mess.  It is so thick and viscous that if it was used without diluting it, I imagine, would dry like a latex mask.

I tried applying one side of my face, mixing Cover FX Custom Color Drops with my moisturizer du jour, ditto the other side with a serum.  I had trouble mixing them so that the consistency was even.  Applying it, with the hopes that I could smooth it out on my face proved futile...both sides looked streaky and cakey.

I was surprised to see that so many Sephora reviewers were happy with it, The dissenters, like me, also wanted to love it, but had similar experiences to my own.

Needless to say, back it went...

If you are still intrigued, with Cover FX Custom Color Drops,  I suggest enlisting the help of an associate at Sephora, first to help you select your best shade and then to send you off with a generous sample. Do make sure they seal it in a mini zip lock for you... It would require a Bissel to get this stuff out of the lining of a handbag.

Like many good ideas, they often attract imitations. As far as I'm concerned, bring 'em on.  I still like the concept, I'm just hoping for a cleaner delivery and a better result. And when I find it, I promise to share it with you...


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