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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gone Fishin'

Ahhh but you know better... The only water I will see is from the view perched on my deliciously decadent bed,  ocean to the left and bay to the right, I am looking forward to some well needed R&R from the world's longest NY winter...

Temps were in the 30's when we left--I mean seriously Girls, it's April 9th for God's sake.

If motivation strikes, I will write a post or two...I shouldn't leave you hanging about the concealer I found that obliterates all traces of dark circles. The only other thing that has ever achieved that feat is a vacation. I've been using it before I got here, so I actually arrived looking the way I usually leave.

This is a game changer, (and yes I know, I thought nothing could top Tarte's CC Undereye Concealer, but clearly I was wrong.)

Imagine the possibilities after a several days of sleeping in and lounging...



  1. Have you revealed your new "game-changer" concealer? Thank you!

  2. Ann,
    So funny you should mention that! I was just pondering it...when I apply it and for most of the day, it looks very fresh and makes me look wide eyed. I had a long day and just peeked in the mirror Quelle horreur!!. I'm trying to decipher if they concealer looks crepey, or if bits of my new cake liner or mascara mixed with it. One other possibility is that its not a great match with the Christie Brinkley Wrinkle Smoother Treatment I've been sampling...when I sort it out, I'll blog, one way or the other!



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