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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One Perfect Thing; Chantecaille Peony Long Lasting Eyeshadow

Chantecaille Long Lasting Eyeshadow
in Peony $28 for starter for refillable compact

The one thing, I'm not sure you Darling readers truly grasp, is that my raison d'etre, is to find the Holy Grail of every beauty category, so I can scratch one more off my list. 7 years in, don't you see I'm really just trying to simplify my routine and yours by extension?!

How do I know when I can't live without something?  When I use it down to the nub, or have to eek out the remnants with a Q-tip or makeup sponge and then buy it again and again.

One example is my lip pencil---Nothing can or ever will come close to the utter, rosy nude perfection of its color and semi dry consistency of MAC's Soar. I've tried and failed and now I just buy it bulk.

I love the look of a very full lid. The best way I have found to achieve that, is with a barely pink hued shadow, that is not matte but doesn't shimmer. I have scoured. The difference is very subtle. It can't be too beige or too bright.  I have bought and returned at least a dozen, each time thinking I found, "the one".

And then I did...

I don't love spending upper stratosphere prices on makeup.  It rankles me.  I am a true Libra. We are balance seekers and it tips the scales towards silliness for me, when makeup is exorbitantly priced. I think Chantecaille's entire line of color is exquisitely inviting; everything is lush and softly hued.  Nothing jars the eye.

I spotted Chantecailles's beautiful palette of shadows and honed immediately onto "Peony", a creamy pink that has the barest hint of iridescence--more of a glow really.

DivaDebbi wears Chantecailles Peony Eyeshadow

In an effort to use what was left in my compact, I dampened a shadow brush to extract the remains.  To my delight, it applies stunningly when wet, yielding a bit more depth and coverage. Researching it tonight, I learned it is actually intended to be used both wet and dry.

So yes, it's a splurge, (which I have tried and failed to duplicate at the drug store), but all things considered,it's a small price to pay for perfection.



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